Flash Fiction Challenge: Write An Opening Line

head shot
Your humble host

(I totally stole this idea from Chuck Wending. But I’m giving him credit so that makes it okay, right?)

Here’s the deal, Flash Fiction Fans!

Write an opening sentence.

That’s it. Post it below in the comments.

One sentence. Grab me, hook me, scare me, detail a scene, whatever you want. Any genre, murder, romance, you make the call.

The sentence can be any length. Don’t go crazy, and avoid obviously objectionable material – I know you will anyway – but other than that, let your creative juices run wild. Try to make it interesting. Compelling. Grab that reader’s interest – me, in this case. Hook the reader and make them (me) want to read MORE! Show me what ya got!

Then I‘ll select a few for the opening of a short story challenge for the following week.

You’ll get to choose one to start a new piece of flash fiction.

Sound fun?

Ready, set, go!






66 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: Write An Opening Line

  1. My eyes are red spheres squinting at a slippery ribbon of highway through streams of rain that slip around the wipers and drift into my periphery; they are a metronome swinging from the rear view mirror to the road ahead.

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  2. What a challenge! First lines are absolutely the hardest part for me. Okay, I can’t do it in one sentence, but I pushed out two sentences…

    “Marla pounded on the delete key, staring once again at a blank screen. Cursing, she dug deeper into her empty head for the words that would save her father.”

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  3. I haven’t written anything in the last two weeks but think I can handle one sentence. Here goes.

    The three of us stood over him, but the syringe with the lethal dose of Morphine was in my hand.

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  4. This is pretty much the blurb for my latest novel, due for release March 26th:

    Their love was impossible; not only was he way out of her league (a king), but he was living over five hundred years in the past.

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