Establishing Yourself

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

There are a ton of How-to-be-a-Successful-Writer articles, essays, and books out there. Some are noteworthy, others are written by people we’ve never heard of. The most recent one I read was pretty concise. It listed everything you need to get picked up by a good agent.

I have yet to go agent shopping. It’s something I’ve thought about, something I may do someday, but I’ve been having fun climbing the indie ladder to build up the necessary writing muscles I feel I need.

My first deal was with a teeny tiny indie press, the second was with a pretty nice ebook only publisher, and the third was a small press that is still growing. I’m still under contract with all three and a fourth now. Each publisher has taught me a wealth of knowledge through experience, and even trial-and-error.

In the list of steps noted on How-to-Get-a-Good-Agent, I’m on my…

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