Newsletter Update

The second newsletter has just gone out so you should be receiving it shortly.

If you are a subscriber to the newsletter and don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

If you have any difficulties, use the Contact Me button to let me know.



P.S., I don’t anticipate doing a reminder post like this every time. Most of you received your newsletter last time and opened it just fine, but I’m all about customer service.

5 thoughts on “Newsletter Update

  1. Very astute idea. We can never trust computers…Skynet is out there y’know….(Mulder you are looking in the wrong place!).

    Seriously a very thoughtful idea, I sell ‘stuff’ on Amazon, and the other week a genuine notification to do with sales ended up in Spam…..meanwhile a highly suspicious notification apparently from Amazon was sitting in my Inbox.

    And finally thanks for all your advice and insights, learning so much since I took to being serious on WordPress

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