We’re Back!

Well, we never really went way. YOU did, though. Kinda.

Blog traffic is a strange animal, but whether it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or a reality of the biz, December – also known as Christmas month – is different. Traffic wise, it’s usually kinda dead.

00 cmas break is vacay time
See that big bar sticking up? That’s you, coming back!

I missed you!

I told you guys that there’d be a funk and you wouldn’t get a lot of writing done around Christmas. People come in from out of town, there are parties… heck, you are putting up a Christmas tree and shopping for presents. You don’t do that every day.

And it cuts into your regular routine, as in, it cuts into your writing time.

Never fear.

I track a lot of stuff and analyze it, so here’s some info.

First, things start getting back to normal the first Monday after New Year’s. By next Monday, people will be well into their routines. So if you aren’t back into yours yet; relax. It’ll happen.

Also, I want to say thank you. As the picture shows, this little blog was chugging along with pretty much no readers for two years, and this year something happened. We’ve exploded, in a good way.

00 blog stats 1
I never liked 2013 and 2014 anyway, the puny little turds.

That’s because of you.

Yes, we offer writing tips and some fun challenges on Fridays that have shown off your talents. We’ve asked friends of the blog to do guest posts – and received some insightful stuff by doing so. I get in there a few times a week and spout off about something…

But without you and your comments and your friendship, it doesn’t matter much.

Of course, the time is coming when I’ll be asking you to buy some books, but even that will be shown as a way to benefit you (and I’ll always give my readers here a secret deal first, so you’ll benefit by being a friend of the blog – more on that later) because I’ll post about how the marketing is going and whatnot so you will have a better idea about marketing your book.

And a guest post isn’t a bad way to get a little exposure, you know. Just saying. Think about it.

Anyway, traffic is back to where it should be. And the blog is doing better than ever. I appreciate you guys making it successful, so let me know whatever I can do to help you build YOUR author platform. The questions you have, ask. Put them in a comment or send them to me via the Contact Me button. I want to help. And I learn all kinds of stuff along the way!


2012 b2
Your humble host.

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22 thoughts on “We’re Back!

    1. Awesome, surprising… yeah, whatever we did, we need to more of it.

      And that means you guys! YOU are who I mean by WE! So keep being awesome.

      Thanks, Ingrid. Hope to knock your socks off in 2016, too.

  1. Welcome back, my friend. I hope you have a fab 2016 and your blogging success continues 🙂

    Sorry if I annoyed you with my subscription error. I think the problem has been fixed now, if you want to try again. I understand if you don’t. *Weeps quietly*

    1. Thanks, Amanda, Hopefully, one day my blog will be as big as yours! (Feel free to tell me how. I can keep a secret. Probably.)

      Very nice of you to stop by and attempt yet again to explain away your blog’s complete dismissal of me. (Kidding. I missed it for the three months you were gone. Glad it’s back.)

      So, I’m supposed to go over and resubscribe again? Like, right now? In front of everybody??? I don’t know. I took those rejections pretty hard…

      Hope you/they fixed whatever was up with the system. That’s gotta be frustrating, but good for you to hang in there and do it yourself.

      1. I don’t have any secrets other than just be myself … And write! Yep, writing helps! 😜

        And hey! You have waaay more twitter followers than I do, so you win! 🙂

        Thanks for your compliments! It’s good to be. I can’t wait to get writing!

          1. I think it worked…it’s come up under email subscription rather than follower subscription… so I’m not sure whats going on there? Computers, eh! Either way, you’ll receive an email when I post 🙂

            1. Better talk to your tech. Oh, that’s you. Oops.

              Maybe you can tell me some day why you did ll that, anyway. I’m sure there were reasons. Other than a sadistic need to flagellate yourself in public!

          2. I don’t think it has worked actually. It hasn’t come up… DOH! Panic not… I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.

            Did you receive an email which asked you to confirm the subscription. Once you have clicked confirm, it should work. Sorry to be a pain..I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.

            1. Hey, one day I might try to do this (what you did -whatever it was) so it’s helpful for me to learn and it’s actually somewhat heartening to see you working through it. Because I’m sure that’s what’ll happen to me.

              I don’t mind email subscribing AND feed subscribing/following, but I prefer email for certain VERY SPECIAL blogs. I’m pretty sure I did not get a confirmation email, though. Is anybody else telling you this stuff? Maybe I’m just inept. Those “confirm” emails usually come out immediately. But I can try to subscribe… again. For you.

              (But in the unlikely event it ISN’T just me, you are possibly letting lots of new followers/subscribers slip through the cracks and you don’t want that, so keep after it. Maybe somebody here has had the same problem and can help.)

              1. Okay, for a second there I thought you were having a dig at me for being “so awkward” I really am sorry for the blip I seem to be having. I think I’ll contact the WordPress.org team and see what they suggest. Somethings not working. Some people have been able to subscribe, others haven’t… I have no idea why this is.

                As hard as it was setting up my website. I learned so much. I definitely recommend it – if you have the time. (It takes time and patience – a lot of patience!) I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it, not to worry. And once I have, you’ll be the first to know!

                Thanks for the support! 🙂

                1. Oh, I’m sure you’ll get it worked out. After all, you aren’t doing something strange and new to get people to follow, so it’ll be some little thing someplace. A gremlin, messing with you. Or really, REALLY incompetent followers.

                  I guess my questions is, WHY do it? Was WP not a good place o be for what you wanted to do? I’m game. I’ll switch. Tell me the advantages!

                  Thanks for following up so many times, too. You’re amazing.

                  1. You’re welcome. And thank you *blushes*

                    There have been many bumps in the road, yes. However, I got there in the end.

                    To answer your question; I’ve moved over to WordPress.org, so I feel very much still a part of WordPress. I’ve still got all the features I had with regular WordPress but with the benefits of having control of how I run my website. I’m a perfectionist, so o found the WordPress layouts quite limiting. Moving to .org has allowed me to customise my website the exact way I want it. I’m genuinely really pleased with it and I’m happy with my choice. Id recommend it to any blogger looking to achieve a more profession look. I also know a few WP bloggers who have made the same transition and they said the same – best thing they’ve done. So I guess that’s why I moved. Not that I don’t love WordPress – I do! I just wanted more freedom 🙂

                    1. I’ll fix that typo for you if you want, Ms.Perfectionist.

                      Well, your new blog looks great. And having more control is almost always a good thing, to me…

                      Using WP, I like the ease with which people can follow my blog. WP can be clunky at times and it doesn’t do everything I want, but I self hosted to get a little more ownership and I’m always open to improving it.

                      Let me ask you this, since we’re such good friends now and all. Most of my readers are author types, and as such most of them need to build a platform from which they can be themselves with fans – which you have done. Your blog probably had the largest readership of any blog I followed (I used past tense because we still don’t know if your site has accepted me back yet!) and I know the new version of it will be there again soon. You’re prolific; if you wanted to take a few minutes to give a few details about why your new WP is better than your old one, and why you went through the pain to make it that way, I’d be happy to put it up as a guest blog post and see if some of my many readers would become readers of your blog, too. I’m sure they would because I am. Or was. Trying to be. But they need examples of what an author can do to have a successful blog, and for me that’s this: follow successful blogs and emulate them. If having a WP.org address helps with aspects they might want, like you did, a few examples would probably show them the benefit. Plus, you’d likely pick up a few followers (if the buttons are working).

                      What do you think? You can say no; I won’t be too despondent. (You use the Contact Me button to continue this dialog if you want.)

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