More Good Stuff About Building A Mailing list

No, I haven’t started building my (new) mailing list yet. Remember Al’s post? It had a lot of good information in it and so does this one, and I’m at the “working on what my giveaway should be” phase. But meanwhile, add to your list of good ideas via the post from Nosegraze.


I especially like where she compares blog sites and features, and goes into MailChimp- pretty extensively.


So as you are working through your to-do list, read this and check out the many good suggestions!




5 thoughts on “More Good Stuff About Building A Mailing list

  1. That’s a great article…thanks for sharing it!
    I set up a MailChimp account when I was creating my blog, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work and let it fall to the side. It’s back on my to-do list now.


  2. Thanks for sharing Ashley’s site. I just signed up for her posts because she seems like the WordPress queen and everyone can always use WP help. I also use Mailchimp. To be honest, it was set up for me when I had someone construct my blog. I do find the campaign set ups confusing. My blogs go out in a weekly mail out, but I need to learn how to do more. 🙂


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