Happy Thanksgiving!

turkeyIt’s turkey day here in the US of A, so I’ll be over at the in-laws after making some of my famous (INSERT RECIPE HERE).

It occurs to me that you guys in Canada have already HAD your Thanksgiving. And I don’t even know if my friends Down Under or in Great Britain celebrate Thanksgiving. This blog is global. I can’t be expected to know all that.


I mean, I could look it up, but that would spoil the pretense under which I’m writing.

No, we are not celebrating this middle eastern country.

So do me this favor.


Today, sometime between football, and pumpkin pie, somebody will say “Even though it’s Thanksgiving, we have lots to be thankful EVERY day.”


Yes, it’s a goody-goody cliche. So what. It’s true.


So I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you, and ask that you make a comment about one thing you are thankful for today. Could be the weather. Could be your kids. Could be the fact that I put forth the effort Tuesday to schedule this semi-lame post instead of blowing you off. At least it’s not a re-run like a lot of other blogs!


Not doing so could affect your standing on Santa’s list. Just sayin’.




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