A Thanksgiving Story To Brighten Your Day

Thoughts from Thanksgivings past… Enjoy!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Every year at Thanksgiving, when we were kids, my whole family would assemble for a long day of playing football in the back yard, followed by a fantastic, huge Thanksgiving feast. All of the neighborhood kids will remember the great football games, because it was an annual occasion where, regardless of age, brothers and sisters and cousins and neighbors would play. As we got older, it was even more fun, because it might put a college kid against a grade schooler. Rain, snow, mud; it didn’t matter. The dirtier, the better. Around dusk, the game was disbanded, and the players had to get cleaned up for the grand feast.

Thanksgiving dinner at my house as a kid was great. My grandma and grandpa would drive up from Cincinnati in their car. They were appropriately old, having lived through the Great Depression and all that, but certain things they did…

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6 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Story To Brighten Your Day

  1. Dan … reading you … today … the pleasure of my day … I can’t stop bloody laughing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the UK … it’s really good to know you. Eric (Oh and me being dumb as ever also posted this comment on your original … so good I did it twice!)

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