Serialized Novel

I have been thinking about doing this for my latest WIP, The Water Castle… (click HERE for my thoughts on that)

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

I have an awesome twitter friend named Mark (not my writing Yoda, this is a different Mark haha @booksmusic72) who mentioned a while ago that we need to bring back the serialized novel. Brilliant. I’m all over this idea. It makes so much sense.

A lot of the greats weren’t pressured into producing a full novel all at once, but published pieces. Some did a chapter at a time like Dickens, whereas others like Charlotte Bronte, wrote Jane Eyre in three separate pieces. Makes sense right?

When you know these things you notice it in the works. And it seems to have offered more room to explore the story. Once you have readers supporting your characters and ideas, they aid to keep them flowing.

Maybe that’s why series are so popular now. I myself am not a huge fan of novel series. I just want to read a book and…

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10 thoughts on “Serialized Novel

  1. I have thought of doing this too.
    My book is cropping up fairly long–for a debut novel, that is. And, this strategy seems to have worked very well for Hugh Howey’s Wool series. If an author self-publishes a longer book in a small series of novellas, one of the added benefits is that the first book can be given away for free, so the author can rope new readers in, and capitalize on the other books in the series.
    Thanks for sharing! Interesting discussion.

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    • Well, let’s say I have 40 chapters of roughly 3000 words each. Most are right around 3000 and six or so are 5000 and a few are 2500. But 3000 x 40 = 120,000 and while that’s not insane, it’s a lot of words and it’s going to cost a few bucks. I have no issue giving away a few chapters for free; I’ll do it here anyway. But after that, a buck for 10,00 or 15,000, with the whole book available for like $5.00? I could see that

      The fun (for me) is that the books come out once a week or so, so if it’s popular people are creating the buzz for you.

      Also, if they really hate it, they can stop really early. It’ll tell me where I should have stopped!

      It’s tempting! If I do it, I’ll share the stats here and the sales reports and everything else, and you’ll know what to do with your massive tome.

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  2. I absolutely agree. With today’s attention span challenge (including, more specifically, my own) I think going back to those dime store novel style stories is a great idea. I have been tossing this around in my head for over a year and I just haven’t had the time or energy (thank you college) to really put forth the effort in making this a reality. However, I do have several stories that I have developed that would work great for this style of storytelling.

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