In response to the NaNo Haters.

Here are some PRO NaNoWriMo thoughts from Eclectic Alli; we’ll have some ANTI Nano thoughtst from a different Allie in just a sec.

Good luck, Nano adventurers! Be sure to keep us appried of yor progress all month long!

Eclectic Alli

National Novel Writing Month is well under way, and this year I’ve been interacting on social media with it a lot more than previous.  Particularly on Twitter.   I’ve already shared how much I am helped by @NaNoWordSprints, and I love the community that I find there — lots of random support and willingness to commiserate, cheer, and be silly together.

It’s mostly been a supportive and amazing community, there are even a few lovely people who aren’t participating in NaNo that lend their voices of support.  But occasionally there were these other voices that came in.  Voices that proclaimed themselves to be “true” writers, who were sick of all the “fakes” and “amateurs” pretending to be writers this month.  Some of these individuals do things like pull out their degrees (“I have an MFA”) or their publishing credentials (“I am published with so-and-so,”) as though these were ways to give their words…

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2 thoughts on “In response to the NaNo Haters.

  1. Hating on NaNo is counterproductive and paints the haters in a poor light. I haven’t had the opportunity to do a NaNo yet due to my personal writing schedule, but I wouldn’t mind doing one someday to see how far I could push myself. Yes, I call myself “Writer”, but I don’t bash anyone over the head with the title because as I see it, anyone who writes is a writer. NaNo serves a very important motivational purpose.

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