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Author Patrick Jones

We have a lot of terrific authors that follow the blog. Patrick Jones is not only a great friend of the blog but a pretty prolific author, and this weekend he’s got a lot going on.

Sure, it’s Halloween for him like everybody else, but he’s running some sales on his books. The details are below, but take a moment to learn a little more about this insightful man – a kind of  modern day Indiana Jones in his own right – as he answers a few questions with me.



Dan: What is the working title of your next book?

1pj 11pj 2Patrick: My new book, “The River” (a short story) is now available on Amazon.

My last book, “The Wolf’s Moon” is also available on Amazon.

“The Wolf’s Moon” audiobook has also been newly released on the ACX Audible platform.

Dan: Where did the idea come from for the book?

Patrick: One day I went fishing on the Meramac River near the Campbell Bridge. A boy (who said he lived close by) asked if he could fish near me. I told him that he, of course, could.

The boy asked what type of fish I was fishing for. My response was, “Moby Dick.”1pj 1

He had no idea what or who “Moby Dick” was, so I explained it was a book about a white whale. I went on to tell him the story.

The boy did not stay long. The reason he left was a long sad story that he told me before leaving.

I sat for a while longer, only catching two fish (that I released). That is when I decided to write a story about fishing. The rest just happened.

Which is the more important of these two: write drunk, edit sober?

I never tried to write drunk. I know myself well enough that I’d quit writing, drink some more and then fall asleep. Never, ever edit your own stuff drunk or sober. Drunk you will cut the best parts and sober you won’t cut any!

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

The Wolf’s Moon” took about a year to write but “The River” only took a few weeks.

What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

Hint: it includes Jennifer Aniston
Hint: it includes Jennifer Aniston

One day, my wife and I were dreaming out loud about who, if we had an unlimited budget, we would pick to play the characters in the movie of “The Wolf’s Moon”. Please see the link to this post about “If The Wolf’s Moon was a Movie”.

Maybe Sandy and I will play the same game for “The River” one cold, winter day…

Which living author or blogger would you buy drinks for?

Hardcore Rule: I only buy drinks for my wife. (She’s a cheap date when she drinks). 🙂

Besides writing, what are your favorite things to do?

Besides writing, I love woodworking. My favorite woods to work are walnut and cherry. The grains are so special.

How did you choose the genre you write in? Or did it choose you?

Photograph taken by Old Time Photos in Lake Ozarks, MO
Photograph taken by Old Time Photos in Lake Ozarks, MO

The genre that I write chose me. The stories I write flow from an unknown place. All I do is put the words on paper as they play out in my mind.

Can you wash light and dark clothes together?  Have you ever turned a bunch of stuff pink in the washer?

Yes, one can wash light and dark clothes together. That reminds me…I have a load to put in the dryer now…and no, no pinks!

How do you decide on a title for your book?

The title, “The Wolf’s Moon,” is what the January full moon is called. In the month of January, the food is sparse and the wolves howl at the moon.

Insofar as “The River,” that is where everything happens.

What do you do for cover art?  Do you do it yourself, hire an artist (you can name names if you liked them), or purchase premade?

My wife is the artist and does my book covers. After she reads the manuscript, her mind flows. She digs through her photos until she finds the one that fits the theme of the story.

How has your experience with editors been?

The author relaxing in his expansive garden.
The author relaxing in his expansive garden.

Editors? Research them! The one we used for “The Wolf’s Moon” was fair to adequate. My readers pointed out problems that they must have passed over or just did not see.

The editor for “The River” was great! This editor caught everything there was to catch.

Being an Indie author, I have to pay for everything. Editors know that if you want your manuscript edited, you will raise the money.

Never edit your own stuff. You are too close to the story and will never change anything. You have already done that in re-writes. Just check them out. Ask around and compare costs.

What do you think some of the greatest misconceptions are about Indie authors?

Many people think that one is an Indie author because the author is not a good writer. Maybe in some cases that may be true. More often than not, the stories are top notch.

What’s the most fun part of writing a novel or short story? What’s the least fun part?

1pj 1Writing is fun, especially when you see your book in print for the first time. One thinks back to all of the people that said you could never do it. Even better is the first sale. Still better is your first 5***** review!

The down side is your first 2 ** review. Read what they wrote and you can blow it off. Not everyone is going to like the story. It will show you why they did not care for it when you read their remarks on the review. Learn from it…writing is a continuous learning process that never ends!!

What inspires you?

People all have a story to tell…just listen.

Coffee addict? Name your poison.

Yeah, I drink my coffee in the morning while I write. Even the dogs know not to bother me until after the second cup. The rest of the day it’s unsweetened ice tea – no lemon.

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is my wife’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes and any veggie with a huge glass of milk.

Have you ever been recognized by a fan in public for your writing, or when was the first time a fan came up to you in public (not an author event or signing)?

1pj 2Whenever I go to the grocery store, someone asks when the next book is coming out. The gas station isn’t any better. One day at the sandwich shop, a woman came up to me as I waited in line, asking if my name was Lansdowne? Thinking more about my sandwich than her question, I simply said, “No ma’am,” and she walked off.

The young girl behind the counter, as she handed me the sandwich, said, “That may not be your name but your picture is on the back of that book.”

How do you develop characters?

Characters for my stories come from people in real life. I just change the names.

If writing suddenly made you rich and famous, what would you do?

I suppose it would depend on how rich I had become. I would like to pay off my house. I have never been rich, so I don’t know what I would do!

Do you hate cats?

I don’t hate cats. I have one that lives in my wood shop from time to time. I call her, “Cat.” She can stay out there in her condo but not in the house (I have four dogs).

What’s a quote from anyone besides you, and one from you?

“The only thing for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”   – Edmund Burke

“I’ve never had a bad day…some are just better than others.”          – Patrick Jones

“Oooo doggy!” – Jed Clampett

“The only easy day was yesterday.” – Sign at U.S. Navy Special Warfare Base Coronado Island, California


Right now, Patrick and his lovely wife Sandy have scheduled

The River FREE only on Amazon on October 29, 30 & 31


The Wolf’s Moon FREE on October 29, 30 & 31 as well.

So The River AND The Wolf’s Moon will are free RIGHT NOW


Links to Patrick’s works.

sandy 3

An Audiobook Experience: “The Wolf’s Moon” by Patrick Jones

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