Blog Advice 1: Increasing Your Traffic

Here at the blog, we’re all about you. Okay, sometimes me, and on occasion somebody else, but mostly you… okay mostly me. But it’s my blog!

Where was I?

Oh yeah. We like to offer helpful writer-type ideas here to improve your writing and, once done, improve your ability to show off that writing to others!

I recently found another great blog post full of helpful ideas to increase your platform! You’ll see a few things we’ve discussed here before, but I hope you’ll get a few new ideas, too.

I’m especially intrigued about blog parties. Have you ever done one of those? Maybe you’d like to talk about your experience doing it.  Let me know!

Meanwhile, enjoy Suzie Speaks’ post! Her numbers are good, so she’s doing a few things right!

Suzie Speaks

How to increase traffic to your blog

One of the most common questions I am asked by fellow bloggers is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult to provide a definitive answer to:

How do I increase the traffic that I receive to my blog?

Before I begin, I think that it is important to note three crucial points:

  • Building a following and, consequently increasing your traffic, takes lots of time and effort. You are extremely unlikely to receive thousands, or even hundreds of views simply by pressing the publish button.
  • Content is key. Well-written posts will draw new people in, and encourage them to visit again. Posting page after page of inspirational quotes looks pretty, but will leave your audience bored after a while. Be yourself, make no apologies and believe in what you are creating.
  • I am not an expert, nor have I ever claimed to be.

I know very little about SEO, so…

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18 thoughts on “Blog Advice 1: Increasing Your Traffic

  1. Suzie’s awesome, isn’t she? This sounds like good common-sense advice.

    I went to like the post on her blog, and then realized I’d apparently already liked it some time ago. I guess it’s good to know I’m consistent, at least. 😛

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    • Somebody – maybe you – told me to add tags to my posts about ten months ago. I think I started last month. Going back and adding them to old posts sounds like a project for a rainy day. It doesn’t take long, though, and if I just did the ones that WP shows as related to whatever I posted for the day, it probably wouldn’t take much time to do. Two a day…

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        • I read that, and I also recently read that over 10 flags the post somehow – probably as a SEO whore – so I’ve been keeping mine to 9 or 10.

          Probably using better tag terms is the key, though, which we could easily grab from more popular bloggers and use. Mine are almost all generic.

          That sounds like a good guest post. “Tags, what they are, what to do with them, which to use.”

          The GOOD tags.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing my post Dan! If you’re interested in blog parties I’m having one this Saturday for Haloween… You’re very welcome to come along and share a link or three – being some nibbles with you!

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  3. Suzie is awesome, great advice, amazing posts, so generous and supportive to other bloggers and love her #SundayBlogShare I can’t wait for her Halloween Blog Party – like her others I’m sure it will be a blast! Until then, my Monster Meet and Greet Mash aka Blog Party started on Wednesday but still going strong if anyone wants to pop by and leave a link
    Thanks Dan and hope everyone has a spooky but safe weekend! 🙂

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