Do Little Things Add Up? YES!

The blog has been kicking it this week
The blog has been kicking it this week

“I need to grow my base.”

“I need to build my platform.”

“I need more blog subscribers.”


Don’t we all?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do to make all of those things happen.

Such as…???

(Recently we discussed what to do when “My blog sucks and I’m kinda clueless,” HERE.)

Well, this week, I posted two interviews and then did a 777 challenge along with interacting with everybody doing my usual posts. You can never tell when people are going to read your blog, or who is going to read it, but using the techniques I talk about all the time, I happened interact with a very popular blogger who re-blogged me – and look at the results.


If you were wondering if this type of blog interaction will help build your base, it does.

If you were wondering if it would grow your numbers a blog subscribers, it does.

If you were wondering if it takes a lot of time… not necessarily.

Most of the stuff that took time, like the interviews and writing my blog posts, were not done this week. I did them on weekends, weeks and weeks ago. When I had time.

(Stay motivated, HERE)

You can do that, too.

So when you ask if a little suggestions that Dan making will add up and make a difference…

It does.


Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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