The 5 Biggest Self-Published Author Mistakes that Kill Book Sales

At one time or another, I have been guilty of each of these. I still don’t really collect emails; do you? What’s your method?

Bad cover – yep. My first cover was SO bad!
Bad sales copy – yep. It’s hard!
Emails – yep. Or nope.
Didn’t use an editor – yyyyesss. I do that now, though!
Didn’t test the book title – I didn’t do that and I still haven’t, but why not? That’s smart as hell. The closest I came was asking people if Poggibonsi was a bad title. Our fans and readers are smart. We should ask them about more stuff.

READ this and make notes, gang. This will save you a lot of heartache. We’ve discussed a lot of it here on my site, but it never hurts to get a second opinion.

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5 self publishing mistakes that hurt book salesIncrease Book Sales by Thinking Like a Publisher

by Kevin Wooden

To become a successful author you have to assume the roles of both writerand publisher, and that means thinking about book sales.Writer Kevin Wooden outlines the 5 biggest factors most self-published authors overlook, and outlines how to fix them and increase sales.

Most self-published authors don’t treat their work with the level of professionalism needed to truly have a successful book. To take your work to the next level you must view your writing from the same perspective as a publishing company.

To succeed in the wild west of the publishing space you needto combine your writing talent with a dose of business acumen. Luckily, this combo is less soul-crushing than you might think. Business can truly be beautiful when it enables you to sell more books, and connect with more readers who truly want to read more of…

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