Here’s a special treat for you! More of ME!

cropped-Chateau-de-Malvaux-skyYesterday, I had the great pleasure of sitting down for  chat with Lisette over at Writer’s Chateau. This charming and apparently gullible very nice person decided to do an interview with me, and what a good time we had!

I honestly think it’s my best interview to date. We  cover some insights into being a new author as well as some thoughts on the direction of the industry, but mostly we just have fun and talk about writer stuff.

I’ll post a tiny piece here, the the link so you can read the rest. Then let me know if you enjoyed it!

What is your latest book?

Poggibonsi: an italian misadventure. It’s a romantic comedy set in Tuscany, and it involves marital infidelity, runaway capitalism, culture clashes, death, office politics – all the stuff we consider hugely funny, right? No? I may be in trouble, then.

Is your recent book part of a series?

I hope not. I mean, no. I have done several series (serieses?) and they’re fun but this is a stand alone. Astute readers will see a character from one of my other novels appear in this one, though, so you have to say awake. Actually, that’s good advice for any book of mine. Please stay awake while reading.

What are the special challenges in writing a series?

I’m a terrible typist. I type with two fingers. It’s very slow. And I hate proofreading so there are always a TON of typos. People who text with me think my phone is out of whack but really it’s just me. My new computer has a keyboard that SUCKS so a lot of letter o’s and a’s don’t get types – I’m not kidding! So things can become awkward when asking my lady writer friends about “word count” and leave out an “o.”

I’d get a new keyboard but it forces me to proofread so it’s actually a sadistic plus. You’d think with just the two fingers I’d usually hit the right targets. You’d be wrong. I’m so bad, I’m considering having myself checked for dyslexia.

What are the greatest challenges in writing short stories?…

Get my thoughts on:

  • pen names,
  • genres,
  • misconceptions about indie writers,
  • dialog and characters,
  • my methods,
  • and much more!

Check out the rest on her blog, HERE 

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