Twitter Nuts

You think you want a bunch of Twitter followers, and then you think maybe not. Here’s Jenny’s take. Maybe you don’t!

J. A. Allen

In the space of only a few months, I have accrued well over five thousand Twitter followers. To be honest, I probably could have gathered another five thousand in that time, but the work on my upcoming book would have suffered (even more than it already has this summer). So, what’s my strategy? I followed all the advice of a good friend of mine who knows about Twitter. (And blogging, and writing . . . and a bunch of other neat stuff, too. You can follow his blog here: may be happy to hear that he and his authorey friend Allison Maruska are compiling all you need to know about building a successful author platform into a new book. Stay tuned. I will definitely have a blog post outlining my success with their strategies when the time comes.

That’s how I managed to build my Twitter following so quickly. Without revealing…

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Nuts

  1. Great post! DM’s are always a topic of debate. I read them, don’t usually reply to them, and don’t send them. I don’t follow eggs with no faces, or suspicious people with like 3 tweets in total. When I’m not sure, I investigate them. I check their websites and other social platforms. 🙂

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