NOT For The Timid!

We build our house under a bunch of trees that were infested with wolf spiders. Those are about 3″ long but not fuzzy like tarantulas. After they put the roof on I went around with a flashlight and a hand vacuum and sucked ‘em all up, about 50 SPIDERS!!!

Then I went to empty the hand vac in the trash.


All over me.

I dropped the flashlight. It was dark. I couldn’t see. I could feel them crawling on me as I tried my best to brush them off as fast as I could. Little legs tickling their way up my arms and legs.

I thought they’d get smashed up in the vacuum. Nope!

One got in my ear, one almost got in my mouth – I may have been screaming at the time.


I’m thinking of a writing horror story, and trying to think of things that scare people or creep them out.

What scares YOU?

13 thoughts on “NOT For The Timid!

  1. OMG I thought that was a true story for a moment, or was it?

    I’m scared of deep water, any deep water, if I can’t stand up in it, I’m scared. I was snorkelling in the Maldives about 15 years ago and as I slowly burned under the midday sun, I drifted over a deep, dark section, turned around to look at some pretty little fish, and there facing me, with big hungry eyes was a massive triggerfish (I have a photo, I’ll dig it out). I was okay until I looked closer and saw it had big, nasty looking, jagged, yellow teeth. I almost pooped myself, tried to stand up to run, but remember that deep water? The rest of my snorkelling holiday was spent standing, bent over like a freak because if that thing appeared again, I wanted to run like hell!

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  2. That would scare me! Other than that, I don’t really know. Things that go bump in the night did not really bother me. I tend to be the kind of person that would just do anything and discover that I might actually enjoy it!

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    • I’ll say that I think I can outrun an alligator but not outswim a fish. That’s their territory. So even Dorie on a bad day might intimidate me.

      That said. I have pictures of me swimming with sharks and petting them, so I might not be your best comparison. But I’m not THAT cool. One time I was on our Jet Ski with my fiance (now wife) and a dolphin popped up to say hello, and we were soo excited we nearly fell over. It was out by the Sunshine Skyway bridge. I was VERY scared of that. Deep water, dark water, far from shore, and a BIG fishy guy in there. And I LOVE dolphins – but being up close and personal without a glass wall like at SeaWorld was very offputting to me for some reason.

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  3. That is pretty much the worst story ever. In history.
    I have a good one too, though. . .
    One night a friend and I (we were about thirteen) were babysitting. Actually, it was New Years Eve. I remember because I usually wasn’t allowed out that late. The little girl had a hard time falling asleep, but eventually she did. And then my friend I started to hear a noise. It was a little ticking noise. We walked around the house, but couldn’t find the source. Eventually we sat in the living room, just looking around, wondering where it could be coming from.
    And then the little girl’s bedroom door opened up the hall.
    She walked toward us in her nightgown, her eyes wide and unblinking. At the edge of the living room, she opened her mouth and screamed.
    In a few minutes we realized she was having a night terror. I will never, ever, ever, forget the look on her face.

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  4. The moral here is that bad decisions make good stories 🙂

    I’m fairly good with creepy crawlies in general, except when they are on me, i have this squeal that sounds like I’m channeling a 9yo girl that only comes out when something surprises me by jumping on me.

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  5. “Bad decisions make good stories.”

    That’s totally quotable. Is that yours?

    I did a scream like a 9 year old girl when a snake went up my leg. It was slightly humiliating. My wife and neighbor were in the yard and heard me. I had to exaggerate the size of the snake into a 3-foot baby python from the 8″ pencil-thin black snake it really was.


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