I Laugh At Your Rejection

This is smart as hell. Watch for me to do it soon.

C.S. Wilde

A few months ago, I sent my last query letter to an agent. I knew I wanted to get my work out there, but it was clear as day it wouldn’t be through the traditional way, so I focused on indie publishing.

As time passed, I got more and more excited about publishing my work on my own terms. I’m prepping myself for releasing my books sometime around September/November, and it’s been an amazing experience (working with editors, doing marketing courses, engaging with readers, growing a platform, I’m loving it.)

Today, though, I received one last rejection letter (remember my last query? Yup!)

It was a really nice form rejection, mind you, but still a rejection. And I couldn’t be happier.

See, today is also the day I beat my mailing list’s subscriber record.

Ever since I started giving out free stories for e-mail subscribers, I’ve been receiving encouraging e-mails…

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2 thoughts on “I Laugh At Your Rejection

  1. I keep getting asked by well meaning people, “You aren’t even going to send your novel to agents/publishers first?” That would be a no. In fact, explicative no. Why would I waste all that time hoping someone will like it, just so I can do all my own marketing, and then share whatever money the book makes with them, for the life of the book? snort. So not happening.

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    • Share? That implies something fair. You do all the work and they get 85% of the money? (I could post a string of other author’s articles about how they still have to do all their own work, but people can just google that.)

      It’s hard not to just put your book out yourself and ride the wave.

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