Indie Love: “The Martian” was originally self published as an eBook

the martian was an ebook first
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Yeah, THAT “The Martian,” the one that’s a movie starring Matt Damon, the one that was a NY Times bestseller, the one, well, you get the idea.

It’s possible, indie authors.

If you write good stuff.

16 thoughts on “Indie Love: “The Martian” was originally self published as an eBook

  1. I read The Martian about a year ago. Liked it a *lot*! At first I almost gave up, though, because it was sooooo dry. Then magic happened: I got caught up in the fellow’s brain and kind of thought along with him. What choice did I have? He was all there was, basically. πŸ™‚ I was shocked when I heard that a movie was made from it. I mean, it’s virtually all internal dialogue, so how…? I guess I’ll just have to go see it!

    BTW, I didn’t know it was originally an E-book. Yes, I got it for my Kindle, but I had assumed it was out in print before that. Huh. Wow. That’s inspiring!

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    • Ellie, it will be interesting to see how they make it into a movie, but I think Goodfellas creared a good template for internal monologues, and so did Cujo, so we’ll see.

      I wonder whether people were keeping the whole “this was a self pub indie eBook” thing quiet? Personally, I thin every indie author ought to share, reblog, Tweet this information and shout it from the rooftops. When Matt Damon is the star of your self pubbed eBook-turned-movie, a MAJOR milestone has been surpassed!


      • Indeed! Not to mention Damon & Ben Affleck’s own first screenplay snagging Robin Williams and awards galore! Same with Diablo Cody’s Thelma and Louise! The old dictum “Talent will out” is true, I think. Very long odds mind you, but still possible!

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