Progress Report

your humble host
your humble host

People are asking me, “When’s Poggibonsi coming out?” And also “What’s next?”

Even my wife wants to know when the hell I’m putting out The Navigators

Okay, Poggibonsi is on chapter 15 of final revisions. There are 40 chapters, and I can do about 3 chapter revisions a day before fogging over. (Read the synopsis HERE or read the first two chapters HERE)

I hate doing critfolding revisions, which is what I’m doing now.

Hate it.


Critfolding. Not fun.
Critfolding. Not fun.

Critfolding is where I add in the many suggestions from critique partners and try to remove passive voice from my story. I have to look at each suggestion and decide on its merit. Part of me says just fold in everything, it’ll be fine and it’ll still be 99% your voice. Another part of me says DIE, YOU WORD NAZIS! DIE! DIE! DIE!

I mentioned I don’t like doing this, right? You’ll see a lot fewer posts and tweets and stuff when I’m critfolding because it zaps my energy. Staring at a word and trying to find the 8th replacement for “looked” in a chapter of 2500 words… removing “was” whenever possible…


(That last sentence literally started out as Looking at a word and trying to find the 8th replacement for “looked” in a chapter of 2500 words. I had to change it to Staring. That’s how bad this all gets.)

I could talk all day about how important voice is, but the fact is we need to simultaneously learn to write our own unique way and the way readers expect us to, and that means active voice and better ways to say “He looked at her!”

Okay. Venting over. Deep breaths.

Moving on…

Sign up to be a beta reader!
Sign up to be a beta reader!

So I’m giving myself 2 weeks for that, like you care. (There are 40 chapters) If I survive, Poggibonsi will go out to beta readers around August 15, and I’ll give them a month to read it. Many will be finished in two weeks, and some will be faster than that. If you want to be a beta, let me know below. And send me your email address on the contact me page HERE. You’ll read the story and look for errors or plot holes and general readability, etc., almost like a regular person.

Sci Fi Thriller - coming soon, I swear!
Sci Fi Thriller – coming soon, I swear!

Meanwhile, The Navigators will be getting its critfolding done right after Poggibonsi. Can’t wait for that. Two weeks of hell followed by three weeks of hell. Then Navigators goes to betas. (Read that synopsis HERE. Still working in it, but we have time. You’ll have to scroll down a little.)

While I write The Water Castle, a fantasy story.

If all goes well, The Water Castle will be ready by Christmas,

Poggibonsi will be released around Sept 15-30,

The Navigators will be released around mid October

I was thinking some demonic red eyes in the background, but I suck at covers.
I was thinking some demonic red eyes in the background, but I suck at covers.

Oh, yeah, and there’s another book An Angel On Her Shoulder that will hopefully be ready by Christmas. (It may need a better cover; what do you think?)

Along with a series of marketing books (3) and Write Better Stories, a compilation of the best writer tips from this blog.

25 Tips you wish COVER

Or I may just explode instead. If you don’t hear from me for a while, check in. I may have spontaneously combusted. That’s what happens when you let things pile up.

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7 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Deep breaths, Dan. You’ll get through it! (With flying colors, no doubt!)

    If you need to vent, need help finding your sanity, or need a push to keep at it, I’m here… I’m sure I owe you a few. 😉

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  2. Cool! I clicked on the contact page to be one of your beta readers but it gave me a spam warning..I still filled it out but I’m not sure if it processed correctly..just thought I’d let ya know 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dan, I’m out of breath after reading this, lol! You’re a machine!!! Take a pause my friend. Seriously, I can’t wait to read this new book of yours, not to mention 2 more of yours I have on my TBR. Reading is a luxury right now for me, so unfortunately I’m not signing up for beta reading, but I’d love to read and review the book when it comes out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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