Advance Praise For Poggibonsi!

One of my critique partners has closed in on the finish of Poggibonsi, my romantic comedy. He has these kind words to offer.

(Best. Critique. Ever.)

Coming Soon
Coming Soon


“You, on the other hand, have a gift. The whole crazy story of marital angst, betrayal and reconciliation is spot on. The whole thing was a sleigh ride of emotion. Your characterization of Sam and Jullieta made me want to know them. It was good that you saved Mattie’s renewal (?) until the end. Til then I was not in her camp. Well done!

“Haven’t read the end yet but I’m sure it will be superb.”


Loving me some critiques right now.

You’ll get your chance soon enough.

A few weeks for the critique partners to finish, a few weeks with beta readers, and Poggibonsi will be available. More on that later. I’m gonna go bask in the glow.

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