Songs of Life and Stories of… well, life, too.

This is great stuff! Who needs sleep?
This is great stuff! Who needs sleep?

The other night as I was trying to fall asleep at 3 AM after a huge writing binge (of which I’m particularly proud), there was a commercial on TV for some old ‘60s records. Maybe they were ‘70s I don’t know. Oldies though.

They played a snippet of a song that I never really knew and certainly didn’t ever hear on the radio, I don’t guess. It’s just got a great little melody and it’s sung in a very sweet manner.

I just always thought it was a great little love song.

It stuck in my head, so the next day, I looked up the lyrics on the internet, to learn about the song.

I thought it was the girl singing to the guy, saying you and I are in this together, we are a team, the world doesn’t get us but we don’t need the world. And there’s one particular line that every time he makes eyes at her, she runs to him.

I thought, how sweet! What a lucky guy.

I could not have been more wrong.

She’s breaking up with him. She says we’re not right for each other.

Him, afterwards
Him, afterwards, I guess

When she said she runs when he makes eyes at her, she is saying she’s running away.

“You and I travel to the beat of a different drum,” does not mean you and I, together against the world. It means you are marching to one drummer and I am marching to a different drummer. We ain’t even on the same page.

And she breaks up with him.

Yet another song that I thought was a great love song turns out to be completely the opposite.

Fucking internet.

Either I have a totally dyslexic ears from my youth, or I am one of the worst interpreters of songs in the world.

It happens!
It happens!

But you know what? I like my version better!

I like happy songs.

I’m sticking with that.

i am not making the connection to writing tips here
I am not making the connection to writing tips here

Now, WHAT does any of that have to do with writing? Well, if a reader gets off track – as has happened with my stuff from time to time – it can cause them to completely misinterpret a scene. One crit said I should start every chapter with a reintroduction of the characters, anticipating the reader putting the book down and not coming back for a few days.

What? That’s insane.

How about writing a book a reader can’t put down? And if they do put it down, hope that they are smart enough to go back a few pages and refresh themselves with the freaking story.

There’s so much bad advice out there, it boggles my mind. Rereading introductions every chapter? If I read the book straight through, that would cause me to put it down – and never pick it up again.

Books of bad advice for writers - and these are just the ones from this year!
Books of bad advice for writers – and these are just the ones from this year!


Here’s the deal. Assume your reader is smart. Assume your critics mean well. But write a story that you’d want to read, and write it the way you’d want to read it.

For a songwriter, if you don’t write a great tune, the rest doesn’t much matter. Crappy lyrics? Linda Ronstadt isn’t singing it for you.

For a story writer, write a good story. One with a quick pace and interesting characters, told in a compelling manner. Otherwise, all the good grammar and stuff doesn’t matter.

And if some pinhead misinterprets it for twenty years or whatever, that’s on them. Because I’m a smart guy but I liked that song anyway, didn’t I? Even though I misunderstood it? Still do. It’s a classic.

I just like my version better.

Odds are that kind of screw up won’t happen with a book.

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He looks like he knows something, carrying that computer around, doesn’t he?
He looks like he knows something, carrying that computer around, doesn’t he?

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