Beautiful People

What makes you you?

You can do a knee replacement, a heart transplant, a kidney transplant. With stem cells we can grow new organs. If you could download your brain and regenerate it when necessary after a stem cell regrowth surgery, and electrogenetically shut off the aging process, what would happen?

If there was no death, there would be no fear of death. Immortality.

And no real consequences for anything.

Of course, you could still get smashed in a car wreck. If no download technicians are available, your brain functions would stop and you’d cease to exist.

And the harvesters would claim your useful organs.

But what would you do if you were immortal, had no likelihood of aging past a prime age of about 25, and had good prospects?

An eternity of second chances? Infinite learning?

Or would the power to kill and erase cognitive memories be the most awesome threat on the planet?

There would still be diseases like cancer. Women would still occasionally die giving birth. But with a preventative download they would just upload into a regenerated second brain and be off to the races as soon as they recovered from the surgery. Anything cancer can destroy, we can replace; it’s all in the timing.

Would teeth just wear down until everyone had dentures, or would we find bodies tedious completely? Even sex has been described in terms a chemical drug. Heroin is said to be like your best orgasm multiplied times a thousand. We can reproduce that with 99% efficiency through spectroanalysis and give it to you any time you want. Any time.

Hunger? We already have the ability to feed the planet; it’s simply corrupt governments that starve their people. Overeating and obesity are offset by liposuction and replacement parts. And anyone who says that this is all for the rich and famous forgets that they said that about cars, too, and computers. 95% of people have access to cars or computers, not 1%. Somehow, the masses find a way.

The threat in any utopia is imbalance, the ability to enslave its subjects; but with immortality, slavery is just a temporary inconvenience. Haves and have nots are simply a matter of scheduling.

Therefore, the only true threat – and the only real power – is the ability to cease brainwave functions without possibility of download.

To kill.

By carrying that computer around, he looks like he just might know something, doesn't he?
By carrying that computer around, he looks like he just might know something, doesn’t he?

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