Testing… testing… “Poggibonsi” test cover

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This is the test cover for my upcoming romantic comedy “Poggibonsi.” What do you think? A romantic comedy about a guy who cheats on his wife? Why, that’s hilarious!

Oh, you were serious?

It’s funny, all right, and it’s taking on just about the least funny topic I can think of. But I was in Italy recently and I thought, there has to be a good, funny story here somewhere. And instead of doing the typical fish-out-of-water routine (and yes there’s some of that. 1.5 euros to take pee? Holy cow, better have change handy!), or the “travelling with a small child is such a headache” bit (but, again, yes, there’s some of that, too – what happened to her in the Florence airport, anyway?), or the “Gee, aren’t the people I work with characters? They’d make a great book” thing – and yes, there are some memorable people in this story that are about to become your favorite literary characters…

Um… where as I going with that?  Oh, yeah. I thought I’d take on a big subject that would be sure to cause some controversy.

This will do that.

Check the “eye-shot” scene if you have your doubts. Or the dinner scene. Or the doctor visit. Hell, the whole thing is funny.

And that’s the point. It’s funny. And there is a lot to laugh about.


Should the title be so funny? I mean, is it funny? Or is it just odd?

I can’t decide.

Poggobonsi means beautiful hills, and it is the name of the small city in the Tuscany region of Italy where the MC gets assigned, and it’s also a metaphor for a laid back way of life that he should adopt and it’s also a metaphor for the beautiful curvy women in the area of Tuscany, which is what gets him into some trouble:

“What should I do?”

“I don’t know. Are you religious?”

I rubbed my neck. “Is it that bad?”

“Your wife saw you on her computer with a naked woman and an obvious Viagra overdose that hadn’t worn off yet. I’d say yeah, it’s that bad. A few prayers might be a good idea.”

“Okay, yeah. I’ll… I’ll go to church!” I looked around for my car keys. “I’ll go to confession!”


“Great plan. Try not to get hit by a bolt of lightning when you go in.”


and it’s also a metaphor for screwing things up – which if that little passage wasn’t a big enough clue – is what happens.

In my comedy.

Wow, that’s a lot of metaphors.

But I digress. What about the title? Poggibonsi… Poggibonsi. It’s grown on me. When you understand that’s a place where he goes, it makes sense. But it won’t make sense to potential readers who don’t know that.

Which you were once.


What do you think of the title?



By carrying that computer around, he looks like he just might know something, doesn't he?
By carrying that computer around, he looks like he just might know something, doesn’t he?

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8 thoughts on “Testing… testing… “Poggibonsi” test cover

  1. Hi Dan. You have my attention. I look forward to reading your books. I love your humour, and this newest book certainly sounds like a fun read. I love the cover and the hook, but ya, I’m going to question the title. I hear your logic for choosing it, but if I didn’t know the reason behind it, I think I’d find it confusing. Have you thought of ‘Bella Tuscano’? Lol, just a thought. 🙂

    1. It’s a raging internal debate. What was Harry Potter before it was Harry Potter? Jaws? Jurassic Park? The Notebook? You know? Fifty Shades of Gray?

      None of them really mean anything until you know what they mean, and then does it matter? If 50 Shades had been called Mr Gray, would that have mattered?

      That said, Poggibonsi is funny sounding, which is kinda good, but also hard to say, hard to pronounce…

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