Ways To Write Effective Emotions (a cheat sheet of sorts)

This day is the WORST!
This day is the WORST!

I was having a really bad day the other day, the kind where a lot of things kept going wrong – and all of a sudden it was starting to look like the whole rest of the world wasn’t the problem, I was.   I hate when that happens.   And worse, it wasn’t a “this is pissing me off” sort of bad day, where you can get good and angry, It was a “things are going wrong and I can’t stop it” bad day. A “I feel low” kind of day. Sad. I probably got some bad reviews or something. (See how to deal with that HERE  https://savvystories.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/the-sting-of-a-few-bad-reviews/ )

(We created a list of words for FEAR right HERE for you)

I am worthless and no one loves me
I am worthless and no one loves me

So I wanted to go home and work out, because venting physically is good when you’re stressed. Then I’d find a funny movie to watch afterward because laughing vents stress also.   Your concerns about my stress abundance and methods of dealing with it are duly noted, doctor.   So as I was driving home, I thought, you know what? One of my characters will be feeling bad in a story I’m writing some day; maybe I should try to describe this feeling to myself and then that will help me capture the essence of that feeling for that character at that time. Smart, huh? I’m a firm believer in using real emotions that we’re actually feeling, and trying to capture them for the written page.  

How can I use this crappy feeling?
How can I use this crappy feeling?

We choose different words when we’re happy than we do when we’re sad, and I believe some of that comes across in the writing. I’ve been told that certain passages in my books really hit home with people, and to me it’s because I was laying my soul bare at those moments. (We writers can be an emotional bunch. Might as well us it to our advantage.)   Plus, using writing as a way to avoid the treadmill is a favorite pastime of mine.  

let's use this and not focus on the road
let’s use this and not focus on the road

So I picked up my cell phone and left myself an email using talk-to-text. When I got home, I looked at it. It needed to be deciphered a little, but when I was finished, this is what I had.  


I feel so… sad. I keep feeling like I can’t take a deep breath, like my heart isn’t beating fully or something. I have an invisible weight on my chest and I can’t stand up straight. I feel small. I’m being nice to people in traffic for no reason. The feeling in my stomach emanates out from my slouched shoulders in a light sweat pungent with a faint aroma of fear. Any minute somebody’s gonna sneak up behind me and hit me for no reason. I know it, and I can’t stop them. No one speaks my language, no one understands, no one wants to understand. No one notices.    

This good stuff. Deep.
This good stuff. Deep.

It’s a little flowery (hey, I’m not Robert De Niro), but I like the way I ran it all together. It almost feels soulless. I envision mass suicides as my readership embraces my dark inner thoughts. Which would be bad for my click-through rate.   

At some time in the future, this somber diatribe will come in handy. I’ll use a few lines from this and it will help me paint a better picture of the person who’s suffering that day. If you’re in a good mood as you read this, it’ll bounce off you and not really take. If you’re feeling down, you might think I was just reading your mind.  

If I write an online review, somebody might see it.
Yeah, we don’t want that.

And that character will probably feel very real to readers because I captured the essence of how I felt on a day I was feeling sad.  

You know what they say: turn your lemons into lemonade.  

And if that doesn’t work, add some rum.


Screw the treadmill.

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