Your book is out! Now what? 10 Tips To Keep It Rolling


Congratulations! You are now a published author. Revel in that, even if Oprah doesn’t call right away. Most people never do write their great American Novel, and most of the ones that do, don’t publish it.

You ROCK, Binkie!
You ROCK, Binkie!

You did.

That’s significant. People who have never met you will part with their money and buy your book. How cool is that!

When the reverie subsides, there’s work to do.

Kim Cardashian's butt? AGAIN??
Kim Cardashian’s butt? AGAIN??
  1. You need reviews to help other shoppers find your book and become convinced to buy it. It doesn’t matter where the first review comes from, as long as there is a first review. See if mom’s available, especially if she has a different last name. Or a friend. You may even have to help them with what to write. Reviews don’t come naturally to normal people.
  1. Ask your friends and fans to click “YES” on existing 4 and 5 star reviews indicating those were helpful (and to click NO on 1 and 2 star reviews that thought weren’t helpful). That will keep your most helpful review right at the top of the screen for future reviewers to see – and it sets an example of what they should write.

Shout about your success on social media:

I feel your pain.
I feel your pain.
  1. Your eBook is out, and it works! Don’t shout that. That’s not news; people actually expect that for some reason. But let your excitement fill your posts today.
  1. Preorder sales exceeded expectations! I was expecting about two dozen preorders. Or maybe just six. Or three. You did much more than that! Woo hooo! Shout that from the mountaintops – just the part about exceeding expectations by double, not the part about only expecting three sales.
  1. Your pre-release marketing activities did MUCH better than expected! I had zero expectations. You definitely beat that. Be sure to thank everybody for making it so successful, whatever it was, even if it was nonexistent. Because Marketing. It’s just reminding everybody about buying your book without being obnoxious.
  1. Announce the winners of the sweepstakes or whatever pre-release marketing you did, if any. Then, tease that all morning. “Winners will be announced soon!”
  1. Tell people to check back soon for another exciting promotion and – improve it based on what you learned.
  1. Update your book with a review request. The link to buy your book is also the link to review it. Copy-paste that link into your Word document where you asked for a review, and upload it.
  1. When you get to the proper number of reviews for the ad of your choice, advertise! A $25 ad may get you 25-100 new sales.
  1. Prior to placing the ad, raise the book’s price to $2.99 or whatever you feel it’s worth. Because you’re still unknown, the sales price is $0.99

Then enjoy your success, the rise in author rankings, and a call from you-know-who.

Just don't over do it.
Just don’t over do it.

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