Our Watchdog

Buddy as BearThere are a lot of places Buddy could sit and watch out the window for Michele or me to come home.

In the old days, wherever Michele, was Buddy was. These days it’s almost a 50-50 split. I mean, Buddy is still wherever Michele is; but if Michele’s not home, then wherever I am, Buddy is. Michele is far and away Buddy’s favorite, and he is her sworn protector, should she need one – all 18 lbs of him – from any meddling squirrels I the yard or any meddling sand hill cranes that come walking past the windows. Or the garbage truck.

But things are changing.

Because nobody was home today, so Buddy could’ve sat anywhere he wanted. He could’ve sat in my office and look out the front window, or he could’ve sat on the bed and looked out the back window… He could’ve laid by the side door in the workout room, because it looks right out onto the garage pad, and he would’ve seen anybody coming home.

He would have been looking for Michele, primarily, but any of us would do.

Today he chose to sit on a rug that’s at the back of the house – an odd choice. It still looks out onto the garage pad, but at an angle.

Maybe it’s softer. Maybe it catches the sun better, and he definitely likes sleeping in the sun.


I know that’s where he was, because the rug was turned up; half of it was flipped over on itself. That’s what happens when he runs off too quickly, like when he runs to greet Michele at the back door, or when he jumps off the bed. You can tell where he’s been hanging out; it’s flipped up.

He has favorite spots, like Michele’s side of the bed. It smells like her, just like the way Michele’s T-shirts smell like her. (You know, to a dog. They have that sensitive nose thing.) That’s why it’s his favorite spot, because it smells like her, his favorite.

He turns things up like rugs or blankets when he quickly scampers off them. And I know the rug was straight when I left, because I remember I went over to lock that door. I would have noticed if it was folded over on itself. Seeing that it’s turned up now means he was on it when he scampered off quickly – to greet me at the door.

So when I noticed the rug turned up, I knew that’s where he had been sleeping. It made me smile.

It’s not a big deal where he sleeps; he can pretty much sleep wherever he wants in the house as far as I’m concerned.

The fact that the pink princess rug is the one that was turned up, is a telling sign. That’s the one Savvy plays on when she gets out her plastic tea sets, or plays with her Barbies.

That one smells like her.

And that’s where he chose to hang out today while we were all gone.

Maybe he’s starting to get a new favorite.

Don’t tell Michele.

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