Sunday Dinner




Friday night we made homemade pizzas. Saturday night we made beef Wellington


Both were delicious (and very filling), but both were completely different, right?


I love cooking for/cooking with my girls. I love that it takes two or three hours to put together a really nice dinner with everybody helping, because by then you’re all starving so much, anything would probably taste good. You worked together for so long that it’s a different experience than just going to restaurant.


So Friday we had pizza and Saturday we had beef Wellington. (Don’t worry, the beef Wellington recipe will be in the next cookbook. (Our pizza recipe was in our first cookbook.)


Savvy loves her pizza – she makes it herself now – but the beef Wellington wasn’t ready until almost 8 PM, and she has to eat around six. I think she would have liked it, but she didn’t get any last night. She dined on that last minute, last ditch resort delicacy: Spaghettios.


We’ll work on that for next time, so she can have beef Wellington with us. It was just poor planning this time around.


I hope we are building good memories for her when we make these elaborate dinners. Pizza from scratch, beef Wellington from scratch… We’re certainly building good memories for us! I think she likes it. I hope she does.


I think she does…


Tonight I just want to eat at the local Mexican restaurant. Also good food, (also very filling), also a completely different venue.


Because, let’s face it; were only human. I don’t make great tacos! I need to learn, but I don’t make them yet.


And while there’s a lot to be said for cooking together, there’s a lot to be said for just walking in and sitting down and relaxing and eating together, too.



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