Water Bottle, the series

For whatever reason my 4 year old daughter decided that my wife’s water bottle was a TV, and on it was playing a movie.


Okay, fine. She wasn’t chasing our terrified dog around the house; whatever.


I did bend over to look at it from her vantage point; sure enough, it’s a water bottle with one of those reverse labels. So she is in fact looking through the back side of a bottle and looking at a picture of something.


When my wife asked her what she was watching, my daughter replied, “It’s a movie.”


Then she burst out laughing and said, “He dropped a coconut on his head!”


She munched on her cupful of goldfish crackers, and she just thought her little movie was hilarious. About every 15 seconds or so, she burst out laughing and said, “He dropped another coconut on his head!”


This was the extent of her pretend movie.


She’s four, and honestly, that plot is already better than half the sitcoms in reruns this summer.


Hell, I pulled up a chair and watched the water bottle with her, chomping on goldfish crackers, too. The show didn’t have much of a plot or characters, but neither does iCarly. Or anything on MTV, for that matter.


Plus, it was funny hearing her announce that he dropped a coconut on his head. The Three Stooges made a career out of that kind of stuff.


Look for it soon. “Water Bottle, the series. Will he drop a coconut on his head?”




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