The Store

We needed something minor for dinner, some rolls or milk or something, so Savvy and I made a quick run to the store to get it. Since it had been raining, it was darker earlier than usually, and the skies looked more like sunset than they normally would have.

It was probably a habit from when she was a baby; referring to everything as “the store.” The grocery store is the store, Target it the store, the mall is the store. I suppose we could start saying we’re going to Target now that my daughter is four years old, but a lot of things are still generically referred to as the store; so she doesn’t get too excited about going to the store because a lot of times going to the store is boring.

And, well, it is.

Going to the store at Christmas is exciting, because we might surreptitiously go by the toy aisle to see what might interest her as a potential present. The same thing holds true when we visit the store around her birthday – although we usually buy so much stuff at Christmas, we have leftover presents to give her on her birthday a few months later.

And of course there was that quick trip to Buy-Mart where I went to get a leotard and ended up buying a bicycle and a 12’ trampoline. (And a leotard. I did remember to get that.)

So not every trip to the store is a dud.

But a lot of them are.

So we run to the store the other evening, get our rolls and milk, and we are headed back to the house. That’s when I noticed the sky looking like sunset. It was pretty. Also, since our daughter can’t usually stay awake in the car, the addition of the lower light levels were dragging her down to slumber land.

From the back seat, a sleepy Savvy asked, “Dad, are we going home?” I guess she thought there would be more to our trip than just rolls and milk.

“Yes,” I answered. “Why?”

“I wanted to go somewhere else,” Savvy said.

“Oh. Where?”

“Disney World.”

I laughed. “Well, we might go to Disney World another day, but it’s dinner time today and we’re not heading to Orlando right now.” In my mind, I mused that even if we did make the short trip from Tampa to Orlando right now, she would be napping long before we ever got there.

She didn’t even hear my whole reply. She was already asleep.

What a nice way to drift off too, with visions of Disney World dancing in her head. I have no doubt that Mickey, Minnie, and a whole bunch of princesses, all had a great time playing with her, in her dreams.

What do YOU think? Let me hear from ya.

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