11292013 A Night Without Hope

Savvy has spent several nights this week going to bed and NOT clamoring for her stuffed baby dolphin toy “Hope.” It’s another possible milestone at age 3 1/2, and it’s good that she is growing up and doesn’t need them, but it’s disturbing how much she needs something one day and then the next dayContinue reading “11292013 A Night Without Hope”

Savvy Stories – from Chapter 3

They aren’t babies for long. It’s about a year, more or less; then they’re walking – and once they start to walk, they aren’t really little kids yet but they’re not really babies anymore, either. Once they put on a pair of long pants, and it will happen sooner than you realize, they suddenly look about threeContinue reading “Savvy Stories – from Chapter 3”

Savvy Stories chapter 3 Post Tuesday October 15, 2013

  Yeah, I’d change Savvy’s diaper in the dark without much effort; that part came pretty easily to me once I had to start changing diapers, but once we got downstairs, she was usually awake. I’d only turn on the pantry light so we didn’t go blind as we made up some formula, and I’dContinue reading “Savvy Stories chapter 3 Post Tuesday October 15, 2013”

Savvy Stories chapter 3 Post Monday October 14, 2013

  I couldn’t fall back to sleep after waking up for a middle of the night feeding. Not at first. But you develop some pretty good systems after a while. Defense systems. Self preservation. Because it turns out that you can die from lack of sleep faster than a lack of water. It’s true. ManyContinue reading “Savvy Stories chapter 3 Post Monday October 14, 2013”

Savvy Stories chapter 3, Post Sunday October 13, 2013

  Some of the telltale signs of reflux are that the baby spits up a lot and arches her back really severely before doing so. And here I was all impressed with the way she could arch her back so much. Future gymnast, I was thinking. Oops. The remedy was simple; feed her slowly, andContinue reading “Savvy Stories chapter 3, Post Sunday October 13, 2013”