The First Rule of Wine Making And Maybe of Writing Books

The hardest part or being an author is being a marketer. All authors know people who have different jobs (construction, medical, whatever) and they say, I’m writing a book, or I have an idea I think would make a great book. Most of the time those books don’t get written. So for those people, writingContinue reading “The First Rule of Wine Making And Maybe of Writing Books”

What Makes A Person A Friend?

What makes a person a friend? My daughter has a little playmate, another little girl her age. Let’s call the other little girl Nancy. They are the same height and they were born about a month apart. They see each other once a week if they are lucky, since we all have busy schedules, butContinue reading “What Makes A Person A Friend?”

I’m A Beautiful Princess!

“I’m a beautiful princess!”  “I’m a beautiful princess!” “I’m… I’m a beautiful princess!” “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!” “I’m a beautiful princess!” “I’m a beautiful princess!”  “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!”   Somebody got new pajamas tonight.    “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!” “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!” “I’m  a  beautiful  princess!!!”   They’re princess pajamas.     “I’mContinue reading “I’m A Beautiful Princess!”