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IMG_2351Dan Alatorre

  • USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has published more than 40 titles and is read in over a dozen languages around the world.His fast-paced novels have gripped readers all over the globe, from the suspenseful murder mystery Double Blind to the intense medical thriller The Gamma Sequence. Readers can’t put his books down.Dan resides in the Tampa area with his wife and daughter.
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  • The Gamma Sequence
  • Rogue Elements
  • Terminal Sequence
  • The Keepers
  • Dark Hour
  • Double Blind
  • Primary Target
  • Third Degree
  • Fourth Estate
  • The Box Under The Bed
  • Dark Visions
  • Nightmareland
  • Spellbound
  • Dark Passages
  • Dark Thoughts
  • Dark Voodoo
  • Dark Intent
  • The Navigators
  • A Place of Shadows
  • The Italian Assistant
  • The ZombunnyAnd over a dozen more!

His novels, short stories, illustrated children’s books and other works have been translated into 12 different languages.

He is read in more than 112 countries around the world.

Dan and his family live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. (If it’s Friday, he’s making pizza.)

Check out Dan’s Amazon page HERE and see all his books.

Check out all of Dan’s books HERE.

Descriptions, sample chapters, etc. Or leave a review.

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On the set of Writers off Task With Friends

11252012 christmas photo shoot (27) GOOD b

122014 Christmas portrait (12) GOOD
Me and the five year old. Isn’t she cute?
He looks like he knows something, carrying that computer around, doesn’t he?
He looks like he knows something, carrying that computer around, doesn’t he?
This is NOT what it feels like to be critiqued, usually, unless you follow these important steps.
Pretending to write a novel in Tuscany

122015 Christmas  (4).JPG

03142017 (13)

04152017 book signing (2)

Writer Rants 1 - Dan

230 thoughts on “About this Dan Alatorre guy

  1. I like that last photo, sitting outside writing on your laptop. Probably the greatest boon to writers has been the portability of our medium, and I suspect that psychologists would be able to detect a change in our tones once we got off those housebound desktop behemoths!

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  2. Hi Dan. Thanks for following my blog – hope you’ll find plenty there to keep you entertained. Looking forward to delving into your site, and congrats on all your writing successes so far. Cheers, Nik

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  3. Amazing profile. Writing comedy is so hard, something I really wish to be able to write. I will definitely look forward to read your stories and posts. Beautiful daughter you have there. And thank you tons to follow my blog. Good day:)

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  4. Hi Dan, thanks for the follow. Look forward to reading some of your writing! Hope Before Sundown blog site gives you a first peaceful look at sunsets and sunrises. Sometimes that’s all you need to start a day! Chryssa

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  5. Hi Dan. Thanks for the follow and I’m reciprocating, not as a knee-jerk, but because I’m trying to refine the blogs I follow – and yours is in that selective list. I’m busy on various projects right now but I will be back for an indepth plunder. Until later, take care.

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  6. Thanks for finding me and roughwighting. I’m really enjoying looking around your blog. You post a LOT. How do you do that, as well as write and publish your books? Do you have a secret? And do you find that blogging so much really helps in the marketing/selling of your books? Do you like questions, because I’m sure shooting off a lot to you here. 🙂 I have a 3-year old blog that started with one follower (raising my hand) to over 750, which amazes me and lifts me up. But I blog once a week and find that a lot of work, while I’m working on my third book (well, fourth, if you count the children’s picture book I’m planning). Anyway, nice to meet ya and talk to you here.

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    1. I liked your blog a lot, too. I’ve been blogging about 3 years, I think, and for about 2 1/2 years had almost NO followers. Like 30, after having 3 for over a year. We changed a few things around and started blogging more, and helping authors get stuff done better, and BOOM, it took off. We’ve added close to 350 subscribers this year so far, and some days we’re adding one an hour!

      As far as writing and publishing, I’m a pretty efficient person. If you’re looking around the site, you’ll find posts that talk about finding time to write and protecting your writing time once you find it. 99% of writers screw that part up. They’re on Facebook instead of writing.

      Me, I get up at 4:30 or 5am and get some writing done before anybody else wakes up, among other things. That’s also a deal breaker for most writers. I think blogging builds a platform, and mine is oriented towards helping authors learn how to navigate the tricky writing/publishing waters. I know more than some people and less than others, so hopefully we all help each other do better. Some things look like mountains until you’ve done them, and the abyss waits for anyone who misses a step. I help people get past all that.

      Does it sell books? Lots of little things (and lots of big things, too) go into selling lots of books. To me, it all adds up, but I know other authors who do great and don’t blog at all. One friend sells thousands of books by only tweeting! That wouldn’t work for me, and what I do might not be for them. So it all depends! But there are many tips we can all share with each other to move us all up the ladder.

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  7. Hi Dan. I see you have decided to follow Jamoroki. I’d love to know what attracted you. But whatever it is, thank you and I hope to see you whenever you feel the inclination to visit. Keep well. James. PS. Now I must have a look at your blog.

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  8. It’s true. You woke up and found yourself in Uncle Bardie Country. Now that you have followed Uncle Bardie, you may find yourself at that fork in the road that you have to take. With Uncle Bardie for a guide, you can be comforted that you may stub your toe on a pun, find you can’t resist laughing at those things you never thought funny, and wake up to wonder what Uncle Bardie is up to. It’s okay. That itch can be scratched. Simply tune in to the next Post, It could very well be a doozy or not. Either way it will be coming from the whacky mind of Uncle Bardie. So thanks for following Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. It beats bananas any day. Unless…but that’s a whole ‘nother thang. And one last thing. Have a great day (or night, depending on your perspective).

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  9. Wow, Dan, thank you so much for swinging by my blog and checking out a few posts. I feel amazed that someone of your caliber found little old me hiding out on the internet. The number of posts you looked over and liked, I am surprised you did not check out my stories. I have now written 12 little stories, all on my blog. Trying to learn and would love, if you have the time some private feedback. As I said I am brand new to writing and making up stories. But I have fallen in love with it. My email is memeethemuse@gmail.com.

    BTW, here’s my biggest stumbler… how do you find inspiration to begin a story. All of mine have come from story prompts. How does someone get their imagination to spark from nothing to something extraordinary?

    Thank you again. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. I am!


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  10. Hi Dan,

    I appreciate all the great advice and encouragement I get from you and your blog posts so much that I’ve thanked you in a “Be Thankful Challenge” post, and passed on the thankfulness challenge to you. Even if you don’t do the writing challenge itself, it would be great if you could pop over and read the post. Thanks! No really I mean it, THANKS!

    — Joy


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  11. I thank you for your ‘likes’ of Feast Fables; I admit a trilogy of such length isn’t ideally suited to this medium. But I’d written it, and wanted it out there, I wasn’t fussed about the money. So, enjoy the read.

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  12. Thanks for liking some stuff and the follow. I hope you have a great New Year and I’m happy to know you. I look forward to reading more about work and marketing books in general. What a hassle. Enough to make me procrastinate more in getting mine published . . .

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  13. Hi Dan, thanks for the follow! Has any of your work, perhaps, been translated into Dutch? (Just curious to see if my country is one of the twelve lucky ones ;))

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  14. Hey Dan, noticed you’d been fossicking around my blog. Thanks for the clicks and follow 🙂 I’ve been poking around yours too – interesting reads. Will have to put some time aside to have a deeper look. So much to do. How do people blog AND have time for other things in their lives ?! I’m such a novice I have a mountain of stuff to learn yet.

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        1. Ha, no. I got busy and forgot. I’ll look now.

          “Fossicking is a term found in Cornwall, Australia and New Zealand referring to prospecting, especially in more recent times, when carried out as a recreational activity. This can be for gold, precious stones, fossils, etc. by sifting through a prospective area.”

          That’s not so bad!

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  15. Well, I learned something new too from that definition! I was under the illusion it was a global prospecting term 🙂 Anyway, it fits with the blogosphere learning stuff – lots of treasures to be found in surprising places.


  16. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my, “6 Rules A**holes Break when Giving/Receiving Feedback,” post. Congratulations on almost reaching 1000 followers. I started my blog in October and I am just getting ready to break to the 100 follower mark. What are a few of the ways that you have found have helped generate the most interest for your blog?

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    1. You have a fun, helpful blog; you’ll be there in no time. Keep doing what you’re doing. If you read through the comments section, I went into some detail in today’s post about what I did. You can do it, too. I’ll be reading you and reblogging you. Don’t be a stranger.

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