#5 on Amazon.com nationwide! Grab it for 99 cents before it goes to $3.49 Tuesday!

#5 on Amazon.com nationwide! Grab it for 99 cents before it goes to $3.49 Tuesday!

From Our Families to Yours..

We’ve put together 35 of our most amazing family favorites for you!

Let me tell you a secret about making restaurant-quality recipes at home: some foods are meant to be enjoyed. For once, forget those fancy diets and ‘healthy’ fasts. There will be new ones everyday. Allow us to help you discover sheer joy and unparalleled taste in old school family recipes.

It’s ALL in here, 35 of our BEST:

==> Quick and easy, tasty treats.
==> Elaborate fine dining recipes.
==> Oriental, French, Italian, Mexican and Latin American Favourites.
==> Simple healthy salsa, amazing meatballs, perfect pizza and unique family treasures, you’ll fall in love with!
==> Kids’ favourite Cakes and Cookies too!

There’s more to it than just recipes, there’s golden, in-the-family instructions and priceless advice passed down to us and noted in this book carefully for you.
“Use fresh ingredients and follow the recipe completely the first time you make it. Don’t rush. Experiment the second time.”
Simple, yet we tend to forget them. Our mothers knew, we needed these instructions. They somehow always know, don’t they?

Sip a glass of wine and enjoy cooking for your family while everybody gathers around the kitchen to chat and play like we did when we were kids. The reason our grandmas spent all day making food was because they got to spend the day with the entire family!
And the reason we loved the food, was:

It was made with love – that’s the Secret.

Enjoy the Pizza, Hot Wings, Grilled Crab and yes, the Love..

Our newest book is live on Amazon

Our newest book is live on Amazon

My latest book is now “35 Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made” has gone live on Amazon.com! This book will soon retail for $3.49, but it is available to friends and family NOW for just 99 cents so we can get reviews.


I was able to team up with Amazon.com best-selling author Ankit Pandey, author of Unravelling Paleo, for this amazing compilation of “family favorites” recipes. It will be a $3.49 book very soon, on sale now to family and friends for 99 cents so we can get reviews. The book has 35 family favorites, plus a few bonus recipes. All of them are great.

(There is a sequel book coming out soon, due to the popularity the first book has received from selected authors, editors and beta readers. Look for “35 MORE Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made” soon!)

Part 2 is, we need your help! We need people to download it and review it, the sooner the better; the more the merrier.

After we have about 25 reviews, we start a full court press of publicity. Any help you and your friends can offer will be greatly appreciated! My goal is to push this to #1 status if possible; then I can use that accreditation to help our other books. Please help. Attached is a Word document telling you how to say a few kind words about the new book on Amazon, as well as how to Like us on Facebook, and other places.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


I’ve been working on Audiobooks recently. What a fun exercise. You get to listen to hundreds of male and female voices to narrate your book. That alone is interesting, hearing all these different people read all these different selections…poetry, dramatic speeches, informational messages… but when they switch from reading their prepared samples and start reading YOUR actual words that YOU wrote for YOUR book, it’s a trip!


Now, you can’t expect anybody to sound like the voice you had in your head when you wrote your book. In my case, I’d be looking for ME – my stuff is largely humorous stories about our family. But it’s a lot of fun hearing somebody else interpret your words and bring them to life.

We have about 6 Audiobook projects going on right now, and some real talent has decided to work with us. We feel very lucky to have professionals like Chaz Allen, Jason P Hilton, and Jake Marek doing our books.


Jake Marek agreed to take our hardest challenge right now, with the project we are working on with him, and I’m sure he will be excellent at it. It has a wide range of voices and dialects, and the material ranges from funny to tearful in a few seconds sometimes. Jake has the right attitude for the project we selected him for: fun. Plus, he actually sounds a lot like ME! So that was a kick. He has such great comedic timing, you’re going to love him!


Chaz Allen is a seasoned professional with a voice that makes me want to write stories just for him to read. So I’m doing just that! Look for “Santa Maybe” to come out later this summer. You are going to love his voice as much as I do. He is a fine actor and a rare talent. We were very lucky to get Chaz on board.


I believe Jason P Hilton is a newcomer to this business, but you would never know it. Jason’s reading style is bold and his deep voice is still flexible enough to play all roles. He enunciates very well, reads with nice inflection and punches up the comedic lines in the right places. He manages the voices of different characters nicely as they converse, which is very important. My manuscript is mostly a first person speech, with lots of humorous, rambling, run-on sentences with an occasional short dialog thrown in. Jason does these well. In the informative sections, he delivers with a calm intelligent style; acting out the humorous parts, he’s lively and having fun. This guy has a bright future ahead of him in this business!


Audiobooks are so much fun. “Theater of the mind” is what they called radio plays, and this is definitely the same. Once the audience settles in, the curtain goes up and show is on! 

I am very fortunate to be working with all three of these gentlemen. I think you are all going to be happy with their work as well.


Stay tuned!


The Store

We needed something minor for dinner, some rolls or milk or something, so Savvy and I made a quick run to the store to get it. Since it had been raining, it was darker earlier than usually, and the skies looked more like sunset than they normally would have.

It was probably a habit from when she was a baby; referring to everything as “the store.” The grocery store is the store, Target it the store, the mall is the store. I suppose we could start saying we’re going to Target now that my daughter is four years old, but a lot of things are still generically referred to as the store; so she doesn’t get too excited about going to the store because a lot of times going to the store is boring.

And, well, it is.

Going to the store at Christmas is exciting, because we might surreptitiously go by the toy aisle to see what might interest her as a potential present. The same thing holds true when we visit the store around her birthday – although we usually buy so much stuff at Christmas, we have leftover presents to give her on her birthday a few months later.

And of course there was that quick trip to Buy-Mart where I went to get a leotard and ended up buying a bicycle and a 12’ trampoline. (And a leotard. I did remember to get that.)

So not every trip to the store is a dud.

But a lot of them are.

So we run to the store the other evening, get our rolls and milk, and we are headed back to the house. That’s when I noticed the sky looking like sunset. It was pretty. Also, since our daughter can’t usually stay awake in the car, the addition of the lower light levels were dragging her down to slumber land.

From the back seat, a sleepy Savvy asked, “Dad, are we going home?” I guess she thought there would be more to our trip than just rolls and milk.

“Yes,” I answered. “Why?”

“I wanted to go somewhere else,” Savvy said.

“Oh. Where?”

“Disney World.”

I laughed. “Well, we might go to Disney World another day, but it’s dinner time today and we’re not heading to Orlando right now.” In my mind, I mused that even if we did make the short trip from Tampa to Orlando right now, she would be napping long before we ever got there.

She didn’t even hear my whole reply. She was already asleep.

What a nice way to drift off too, with visions of Disney World dancing in her head. I have no doubt that Mickey, Minnie, and a whole bunch of princesses, all had a great time playing with her, in her dreams.

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