Have a Young Authors Club AT YOUR SCHOOL

“Your Young Author’s Club made my kid’s YEAR!” – parent testimonial

Dan Alatorre’s

Young Author’s Club

Is your child the next J. K. Rowling, Stephen King or Mark Twain?


My Young Author’s Club is for children of any age with an imagination.

“Thank you for offering this club to the students. It’s really wonderful what you are doing.” – parent testimonial

Let’s write a book – a REAL book.

Under my guidance, your child will learn the basic elements of crafting a story, developing a plot, creating characters – and putting them into a published book anthology to be shared with the entire reading world!

Here are a few example of books written last year by kids just like yours:


I can show your child how to write great stories.

  • I have published 24 titles in 12 different languages, and I am read all over the world
  • 2,600 blog subscribers and more than 11,000 Twitter followers
  • Mentor to many first-time authors including one whose debut novel sold more than 20,000 copies in its first year
  • Featured presenter, Florida Writer’s Association conference 2017 and 2018
  • My works include family humor, romance, action adventure, paranormal thriller, cooking, and sci fi, and I have been a critique partner to authors of all skill levels and genres, including a New York Times bestselling author.

“Your club is something both kids look forward to each week- that is very special- you are definitely providing them

a wonderful outlet for creativity and self expression.

Kids don’t have writing opportunities like that much anymore- it’s all about writing for the FSA or another standardized test. But I think YAC does the exact same thing- it just

gives the kids room to be themselves and learn in a safe environment

– where they won’t be graded or judged. We are all thankful for such a group!” – parent testimonial

More example of books written last year’s Young Authors:


In our Author’s Club, your child’s ideas can come to life in a published book.


My Young Authors club will meet for an hour, one day a week right after school, on your child’s campus.

We will work on all elements of writing stories and compile a book that we publish at the end of the school year.


An active imagination – and your school has to sign me up. I’ll do the rest.

Club Information (example)

Ages: Grade 3 & up        Time: 3PM or whatever time your child’s school gets out, for one hour.

Fees: $50.00 per month, PayPal, cash or check (put YOUR name AND MINE on the envelope)

Typical signup information (will vary by school):

Student’s name __________________________________   Grade __________________

Parent’s Name ___________________________________   Phone __________________

Allergies ________________________________________

Email ________________________________   Is your child a car rider or aftercare? __________

Pick up information: parents will pick up students FROM ME at the school’s car line after the end of the weekly club session, or if so designated the child will go to after care. (Car line pickup and after care may vary by school.)

Interested? Contact me and let’s work together to get a Young Author’s Club at YOUR child’s school!





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