“The last few chapters blew me away.”

“The last few chapters blew me away.” Yep. I do that. Gang, here’s a review by a new fan. Genetics – the subject that is the marker of humankind, everything is decided by our genetics. I love medical thrillers, not many can write it well. Dan Alatorre went one step ahead in this thriller andContinue reading ““The last few chapters blew me away.””

Writing Rule #1: Tension Drives Stories

We have addressed hundreds of writing related topics here on the blog; use the search button to find the ones you need. I’ve been watching a TV show/miniseries about the Unabomber, and it’s basically told from the point of view of the FBI agent who ultimately got enough information together to capture Ted Kaczynski. AsContinue reading “Writing Rule #1: Tension Drives Stories”