Manuscript Update on Terminal Sequence (BTW, Preorder price for Rogue Elements goes up tomorrow!)

So it looks like I won’t meet my self-imposed deadline of 12/31 at midnight for finishing Terminal Sequence, book 3 in The Gamma Sequence series. But I’m close! 50,000 words of amazing medical thriller written since November 22. Not bad. And Terminal Sequence is only 1-2 weeks away from completion, coming in around 65k-80k. IContinue reading “Manuscript Update on Terminal Sequence (BTW, Preorder price for Rogue Elements goes up tomorrow!)”

The year in review: onward to 2020!

I’ve never been much of a “year in review” guy. I just don’t care for those trite summaries that are supposed to be full of lessons! But every few years or so I find myself doing one… 2019 was a very interesting year, as all years really are. It had big highs and big lows.Continue reading “The year in review: onward to 2020!”


I recently became a USA Today bestselling, something I’m very proud of. But in the process, Wid Bastian, an alleged marketer, stole more than $20,000 from me and other authors I worked with. That’s not okay. (I have no concerns about what follows because the truth is the best defense. Here goes.) The idea was…Continue reading “Wid Bastian RIPPED ME OFF”

Review / Warning of ‘promotional service’ by Wid Sebastian / Genius Media / Kairos Phoenix Company

Originally posted on writerchristophfischer:
Here is a little warning about a “service” I subscribed to recently: Wid Bastian of Genius Media who now has a new business named Kairos Phoenix Company (KPC). I’m usually sceptical when it comes to professional indie author support but was taken in by his string of box sets.…

“The last few chapters blew me away.”

“The last few chapters blew me away.” Yep. I do that. Gang, here’s a review by a new fan. Genetics – the subject that is the marker of humankind, everything is decided by our genetics. I love medical thrillers, not many can write it well. Dan Alatorre went one step ahead in this thriller andContinue reading ““The last few chapters blew me away.””

Writing Rule #1: Tension Drives Stories

We have addressed hundreds of writing related topics here on the blog; use the search button to find the ones you need. I’ve been watching a TV show/miniseries about the Unabomber, and it’s basically told from the point of view of the FBI agent who ultimately got enough information together to capture Ted Kaczynski. AsContinue reading “Writing Rule #1: Tension Drives Stories”