13,500 Words. I’m Slacking!

I had to rewrite about 2,000 words of my latest medical thriller today. I had this great scene, and I said, this happens, then this, then THIS… what  great plot twist! What a cool surprise! Readers will love that! Then I realized I had people speaking Ukrainian when they were supposed to be in London.Continue reading “13,500 Words. I’m Slacking!”

Terminal sequence = 12 K as of yesterday

Just thought you might wanna know. I’m also suffering from a ridiculous head cold that seems determined to take over my nose and throat. Not my lungs. The lungs are fine. But everything else, forget it. Undeterred, I soldier on. I hate to brag or make estimates. Actually I don’t hate to do either… ButContinue reading “Terminal sequence = 12 K as of yesterday”

Terminal Sequence now at 7,596 words!

The new book is now at a whopping 7,596 words after two days! I gotta admit, having logged almost 5500 yesterday, only doing another 2k seemed a little… meek. But I wrote out an impromptu 1500 word “fat” outline, fleshing out the major plot points and laying out the subplots. Then I emailed it toContinue reading “Terminal Sequence now at 7,596 words!”

#Bookreview – The Gamma Sequence by Dan Alatorre

What Amazon says Geneticist Lanaya Kim must do what authorities haven’t – tie together the “accidental” deaths of several prominent scientists around the country to show they were actually murdered. Over the past two years, geneticists have died in what appear to be accidents, but Lanaya knows otherwise. If she tells her secrets to the…

Great, Great, GREAT Writing Tips (That I Stole From Alycea K. Snyder)

Alycea Snyder is a board member of the Tampa Writers Alliance and a fellow author. I watched her presentation on writing last night. Here are a few things to consider. First of all, Alycea is an avid reader. She’s very smart. When it comes to the writing process a lot of you are struggling with,Continue reading “Great, Great, GREAT Writing Tips (That I Stole From Alycea K. Snyder)”

Marketing Tips For AWESOME Marketing Success

We have addressed hundreds of writing related topics here on the blog; use the search button to find the ones you need. Dear Dan, Pleasure for the beta reading. I’ll get the review done asap. As for the box set, I’ve already pre-ordered it. You are amazing with your marketing! I’m so impressed and it’s so important for sellingContinue reading “Marketing Tips For AWESOME Marketing Success”