Why Readers STOP Reading Your Book

I want you to look at these two charts. They are basically WHY READERS STOP READING A BOOK. Chart 1 says the biggest reasons are: 25% stop reading because it’s DULL 16% stop because of bad writing (more on that in a sec) 16% DULL characters or characters who are unbelievable 9% stop because youContinue reading “Why Readers STOP Reading Your Book”

A Christmas thought in August – from an accused narcissist.

Last year my daughter got the flu and missed the week of school before Christmas break – which meant almost a month of not seeing her friends. She was so sad. I was on campus to drop something off and decided to pop into her classroom to ask a few of her friends to wishContinue reading “A Christmas thought in August – from an accused narcissist.”

Where do you get your ideas?

Well, see if you can figure out where this one came from. Guinea Pig Adventure Ms. Wendy keeps two adorable Guinea pigs in her 3rd grade classroom, Ginger and Gwen. After watching third grade for a few semesters Gwen decides she and Ginger are ready for 4th grade. They sneak across the hall to Ms.Continue reading “Where do you get your ideas?”

Mr. Alatorre has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

“I was intrigued on page 1; all the following pages mesmerized & compelled me to keep reading.” Mr. Alatorre has quickly become one of my favorite authors. His imagination astounds me, with each book different and original. His thorough research is obvious in the myriad of details that build the story. The characters are believable,Continue reading “Mr. Alatorre has quickly become one of my favorite authors.”


Yep, you read that right. Do No Harm, a medical thriller box set, debuted at #55 on the USA Today bestseller list this week. My contribution was The Gamma Sequence, an 80,000 word novel I wrote in 36 days. (If you want to learn how I WROTE an 80k book in 36 days, click HERE.)Continue reading “I’M A USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR!”

Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

We have addressed hundreds of writing related topics here on the blog; use the search button to find the ones you need. In a nutshell, your book isn’t selling because your cover is amateurish and your blurb sucks. Bad cover Bad blurb Got it? Those two things are the biggest reasons people pass on buyingContinue reading “Why Your Book Isn’t Selling”