Farewell 2018! What’s in store for 2019?

img_2351-19For those of you who enjoy this blog, you should use the contact me button to send me a message so I can add you to my newsletter.

I’m going to spend more time writing books in 2019, and less time blogging.

Please take this for how it’s intended. Blogging is fun but I want to focus more on writing books.

I’m gonna miss you guys. So join me on the Facebook page or email me via the newsletter so we can stay in touch.

The blog will stay here but I probably won’t be posting new content as much; it’ll serve more as a landing page for my books and a post on the first of each month discussing an important writing tip. We’ll see about a writing contest in July, but you’ll find out about that – anything else –  faster in my newsletter.

It’s been a blast.

Full: we are currently not taking new manuscripts for editing or the private critique group.

My apologies. It’s an embarrassment of riches – too many customers. We cannot accept new members to the private critique group or new manuscripts for editing at this time.

If you are a former member of the private critique group or editing customer, please email to see if we can accommodate you in 2019.

You had questions. You asked away. Hopefully we got some answers for you in 2018…

your humble host

This blog has long been a friendly place to come and learn, and what better way to learn than to ask?

I said: You have questions. Writer stuff, marketing, motivation, you name it.


Your questions. Your challenges. Your issues.

And you did!

If I didn’t know, I put it out to my vast network of author friends and got an answer. Or I’d make something up.


Many people helped me when I was starting out because I was willing to ask what I needed to know.

That shortened my learning curve substantially.

– Dan Alatorre

Thank you for considering me a good source for helping you.

Merry Christmas Eve!

your humble ho ho host

This is an exciting time of year for me. Elf On the Shelf is pulling some shenanigans, the trees look good (we’re kinda crazy about Christmas trees; we put one up in every room) and the shopping got under way early (thank you, Amazon).

On Christmas Eve, we will usually have my wife’s family over for dinner and create fun memories. I will quietly message with select friends and see what’s up at their house.

On New Year’s Eve we will host a pizza party for my daughter’s friends and their respective parents. Maybe a sleepover, who knows. Might as well; it’s about a ten minute time difference.

Then starts 2019.

I don’t know what’s in store, but I know this.

My enjoyment of interacting with my daughter has gotten more fun each year.

My writing has improved each year.

But first, Christmas.

Christmas is a fun, fun time, so I’ll be enjoying it a lot. I hope you are, too, and if not, drop me a message. I check my blog comments all the time.