A Lesson From Shakespeare In Love: Stammering Tension

I like this movie a lot and I really couldn’t tell you why. Okay, that’s not true. There are LOTS of things to like about it. It was a commercial and critical success. There are also story telling things to learn, which we’ll get to in a sec. A few things I like LOVE: IContinue reading “A Lesson From Shakespeare In Love: Stammering Tension”

‘Dark Visions’, influences when writing horror and my little ‘blue book’ [Dark Visions Blog Tour]

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It’s the end of October and Halloween is creeping nearer and nearer. With the successful release of the anthology Dark Visions we’ve started a blog-tour to get us all hyped up for this spookiest of holidays. That, and of course to share our own personal insights in all…

Be A Presenter! Faculty Application for 2019 Florida Writers Association Conference

Think you have the goods to be a presenter at the FWA conference? Apply and let’s find out! Click HERE to apply to be on the FWA 2019 Conference faculty. We’re looking for outstanding faculty members for the 18th Annual Florida Writers Conference The Annual Florida Writers Conference is one of the largest conferences inContinue reading “Be A Presenter! Faculty Application for 2019 Florida Writers Association Conference”

Can’t forget to mention this, WHAT AN ENDING! 

Go to GoodReads and LIKE this review of Double Blind (part of the Death and Damages anthology) by “Dianne.” Click HERE  (You may have to scroll down a little, and it’s under Death and Damages) REVIEW by Dianne 10/24/2018 – DOUBLE BLIND by Dan Alatorre In a deadly game of cat and mouse, two detectivesContinue reading “Can’t forget to mention this, WHAT AN ENDING! “

Come On In Where Scare Awaits. #DarkVisionsHorrorAnthology #Book Tour.

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https://youtu.be/R8SFqR3y-l0 Today, I am reviewing Dark Visions. To set the mood I prepared a spooky scene. *Whispers* Be safe, don’t go into the basement! Keep the lights on … *in a rough gravelled voice* Do not Answer the door … At first glance, Dark Visions appears to be a Halloween anthology…