What’s the best thing here?

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I have this writing contest going on, and it’s tricky what to say about it.

I’ve seen these contests change people’s lives!

More or less.

If I say, “Hey, we are getting more entries to date than ever before!” – does that scare people away because they think they’ll have less of a chance to win?

If I say, “Wow, we aren’t getting many entries so far” – does that scare people away because they think, well, if the contest isn’t getting a lot of entries, it’s a dud and I shouldn’t waste my time?

It’s a dilemma.

I’ll say this.

Yes, so far it appears we are getting more entries TO DATE than in prior contests.

That doesn’t really mean anything, though, because most of you guys wait until the last minute to send your stuff in, so right now I have no idea if I’m about to get a flash flood or a dry river bed.

I could say that overall the stories are better so far and it looks like our best group yet

…except for fairness reasons, I haven’t started reading them yet.  That’s not me being a procrastinator (although that’s always a potential factor) but rather, if I read a story on July 2 and another one on July 31, it’s harder for me to remember the first one and compare them evenly. So even though it seems like procrastination, and to a certain degree it is (possibly a large degree), it’s also the best way for me to be fair.

Do I expect the contest to change your life? Hard to say, but let’s go with yes. Because it kinda has for quite a few people who’ve entered/

I think.

So I’ll say everything looks good.

The stories I’ve sneaked a peek at look good.

The quality of the writing by people in the Private Critique Group is through the roof. I’m loving working with you guys. (That’s a totally separate issue, and not related to the contest at all, but still worth sharing.)

Okay that’s it.

Enter the contest. It will change your life.



Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed

over $400 in prizes

Darkwater 1

sponsored by Darkwater Syndicate, a Florida publisher


(maybe; it could happen)

Don’t miss out! Click HERE for details and to enter!


Your amazing piece of writing could be the one to take the top prize and be published in in our horror anthology called “VOODOO.”


Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

9 thoughts on “What’s the best thing here?

  1. I am learning a lot from your critiques, Dan. That alone makes it worthwhile for me to enter these competitions. I also learn from the winning stories so it is a great thing all round.

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