VOODOO. It’s almost time.


Our second annual scary writing contest and anthology (actually horror, eerie, macabre, unsettling, creepy, etc.) is coming July 1

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Word Weaver Writing Contest: VOODOO

I want you to dive deep, gang.

Think about the stuff that scared you as a kid – or scares you now – and put it on the page.

Creepy things, eerie things, good old fashioned ghost stories, you name it, I want it in this contest.

Let’s get scary.



IMG_2111Last year, our scary anthology contest got some unknown and unpublished authors to appear in a book next to bestselling authors like these:

Allison Maruska,

author of over a half dozen titles and whose bestselling novel The Fourth Descendant sold more than 20,000 copies in less than 12 months and has garnered over 600 reviews on Amazon

Jenifer Ruff,

author of the bestseller Only Wrong Once has over 170 reviews since its September 2017 release, and whose Brooke Walton psychological suspense series is gearing up for the release of the third book (which I just read and which is awesome). 

Lucy Brazier,

whose Portergirl series follows the adventures of a deputy head porter at Old College who fights crime between tea and biscuits (which are cookie over here, so it makes total sense).


we will have even more.

  • MORE unknown authors,

  • MORE never before published authors,

  • MORE famous people (I hope) and

  • MORE stories.


And YOU get the chance to work with these and other authors as we create a private Facebook group, share ideas, discuss marketing strategies, book covers, and more, as we launch the second in the series.

Don’t miss out.

The contest starts July 1, and the full details will be available then (it’s gonna be a lot like last year’s contest), but you can start now – and there’s a special discount if you register early. Click HERE for details on that.

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