Percy Jackson movie trivia challenge

Percy Jackson movie trivia challenge.

This game is for people who have seen the first Percy Jackson movie.


Assemble the players and give each one a number. Roll a dice to see who answers the first question. If you have six players, you start with the one closest to you and that is number one, and you go around counterclockwise. Roll the dice to select the first person to answer a trivia question.

You roll the dice a second time to see how many points the question is worth. Ask the question of the first player. If They can answer it correctly, they get that number of points. If they get it wrong, they lose that number of points. Play a few rounds that way.

The next version of the game is Pass or play. The person either answers the question or not, or they can choose to pass. If they pass, going in a counterclockwise direction, the next person must answer the question. If that player get it wrong, they lose the number of points. If they get it right, they win the number of points. Play a few rounds that way.

Finally, you have pass, play or pick. N this version, you roll the dice to see how many points the question is worth, the player gets to choose to answer it – or pass and assign it to a person who has to answer it. In this way, players can gang up on whoever is winning, if they think that person will not know the answers to difficult questions. However, you have to be careful because if they do know, they will go even farther into the lead.

After a set number of questions, the game is over and the high score wins, or the first person to get to a specified number of points wins, like 50.


  1. What does Poseidon Carry? A trident
  2. When Poseidon first appears, what is the man on the bridge doing? Fishing
  3. In the movie, Where do Poseidon and Zeus first meet? Empire State building roof
  4. In the movie, what is the first thing Poseidon says to Zeus? “Zeus.”
  5. Zeus says the lightning bolt must be returned by a certain time. When? 14 days, Midnight of the Summer solstice.
  6. What’s the name of the school Percy is attending at the start of the movie? Yancy academy
  7. What does Percy‘s substitute teacher write on the board? “I understand the fury in your words but not your words“
  8. What Shakespeare play is the teacher quoting? Othello
  9. When Percy and his class go up the steps to the museum on their field trip, one banner says it is the new exhibits of Greek and Roman galleries. What does the other other banner say? Michaelangelo. First paintings.
  10. The guy who is leading the lecture, how does he get around? Wheelchair.
  11. What does mr. Bruner wear on his lap? Blanket
  12. When Mr. Bruner asks Percy a question during the museum tour, Percy looks at the wall and the letters rearrange themselves. What does it say? “Perseus defeats Cetus”
  13. What is the name of the substitute teacher? Miss Dodds.
  14. What does Miss Dodds want from Percy? Lightning bolt.
  15. How does Percy kill the fury in the museum? He doesn’t.
  16. What happens to the fury? It breaks through the window and escapes.
  17. What does Mr. Bruener give Percy to defend himself? A pen.
  18. What does Grover say he is to Percy? His protector.
  19. What is Percy’s mom‘s first name? Sally.
  20. What kind of car does sally drive? Dodge Charger but not sure.
  21. What color is it? Brown with stripes.
  22. When Percy‘s mom takes him to camp half blood, Grover rides in the back. What is Grover doing during the ride? Eating (Cheetos).
  23. What animal falls in front of the car as they drive? A cow.
  24. Why does sally not go with Percy through the gate to camp half blood? There is an invisible barrier that prevents her.
  25. What does the pen turn into when Percy clicks it? Sword.
  26. How does Percy disable the monster in the woods before going to camp half blood? He stabs it in the side with a horn.
  27. What type of creature was the monster in the woods? Minotaur
  28. When Percy wakes up after battling the monster in the woods, how long is he been asleep? Three days
  29. Where does he wake up? infirmary
  30. When they arrive at camp half blood, what is Grover’s position/title? Junior protector.
  31. Who informs Percy that he is a demigod? Grover
  32. How many points does Grover say he gets for that? Two
  33. Grover says camp half blood is to train to become what? Leaders, heroes, warriors.
  34. Annabeth‘s mother is Athena. What is Athena the goddess of? Wisdom
  35. What type of animal is Mr. Bruener at camp half blood? Centaur
  36. What is Mr. Bruener’s real name? Chiron
  37. At camp half blood, Percy gets to stay in a beautiful cabin that Chiron says was built for Percy. Who built it? Poseidon.
  38. What object does he pick up in the cabinet and play with? Trident.
  39. What does Chiron say is the most powerful weapon ever created? Zeus‘s lightning bolt
  40. Who is Luke the son of? Hermese
  41. What team game do they play at camp half blood? Capture the flag.
  42. What symbols does Percy’s shield have painted on it at camp half blood? None. They are etched into it or embossed, not painted.
  43. When Annabeth defeats Percy in their first sword fight, how does he become healed? He goes to the water and the water gives him power and heals him.
  44. What team wins the game of capture the flag at camp half blood? Percy’s / Blue team.
  45. What shape are the shields at camp half blood? Round
  46. Who comes out of the fire at camp half blood? Hades.
  47. What does the character that comes out of the fire promise Percy for the lightning bolt? His mother.
  48. Where does Hades say Percy’s mother is? In the underworld with Hades.
  49. Grover says according to regulations if he can’t stop Percy from going on a quest, he must do what? Accompany him.
  50. Luke gives Percy 3 things. What are they? Flying shoes. Map. Shield.
  51. Luke tells Percy that other people have gone to the underworld and returned. Luke names two people who have done it. Who does he name? Hercules and Orpheus.
  52. Luke gives Percy a map to a destination and an object. What is it Percy must retrieve? Persephone‘s pearls.
  53. With the thing they are to take from Persephone, what do you do to get it to work? You step on it.
  54. What does it do when you get it to work? It takes you where you want to go.
  55. What method of transportation do Percy and his two friends take? A bus.
  56. What kind? Greyhound
  57. What does Annabeth find in the base of the fountain at aunt em’s? Gold drachmas
  58. What is the name of the business they visit when they get off the bus? Aunt Em’s garden emporium
  59. Grover says a family member of his was killed by medusa. Who? His Uncle Ferdinand
  60. What is the explanation aunt em gives for making stature? She gets lonely.
  61. What does Annabeth do to not become a statue? She keeps her eyes shut.
  62. Who says they used to date Percy’s daddy? Medusa.
  63. What does Annabeth used to disable medusa long enough for Percy to escape? Hits her with a pick up truck
  64. What does Percy do to medusa? Cuts off her head
  65. What do they do with that object? They wrap it up in a jacket and take it with them
  66. What does Percy find on medusa’s arm? One of the pearls.
  67. After fleeing medusa, Grover is driving the pick up truck and asks where they are supposed to go next? Who is sitting next to him? Annabeth
  68. Where are they supposed to go next? Nashville Tennessee Parthenon.
  69. Grover says Nashville is the home of what? His least favorite music.
  70. What color is the pick up truck they drive? Red, or red with a white roof.
  71. On the way to Nashville, the trio stay in a hotel. Percy sits on the bottom of the pool and does what? He thinks about his mother.
  72. Annabeth has bruises from medusa’s place What does Percy do? He puts her hand in the water and heals her.
  73. Why don’t any of the gods see their demigod children? It’s forbidden.
  74. Annabeth says the reason Percy‘s parents and Annabeth‘s parents hate each other is what? Because the people chose Athena to be the patron god of Athens.
  75. In times of trouble, AnnaBeth says she hears something. What? Her mother speaking to her.
  76. What is Percy‘s stepfather‘s first and last name? Gabe Ugliotta.
  77. While they are watching Gabe on TV, what does Grover eat? A soda can.
  78. When Percy and his friends enter the replica Parthenon in Nashville Tennessee, there is a large statue inside. What is the statue of? Athena.
  79. What is in the statue’s hands? A spear (R) and a shield (L).
  80. Where is the second pearl they need to get? In the statue of Athena’s crown.
  81. Where do Percy and his friends hide until the Parthenon replica closes? In the bathroom.
  82. Which one? The men’s room.
  83. What weapon does Annabeth use to disable the guards in the Parthenon? Crossbow (with steeping darts).
  84. Who retrieves the second pearl? Percy
  85. How? He wears the flying shoes and flies up to the crown and takes it.
  86. What do the Parthenon guards turn into? A five-headed hydra
  87. What happens when you cut the head off the beast guarding the Parthenon in Tennessee? When you cut one head off, two more grow back in its place.
  88. What weapon does Annabeth use to attack the hydra? Bow and arrow
  89. How does Percy escape the monster guarding the Parthenon? He creates a flood.
  90. How does Grover defeat the monster guarding the Parthenon? He shows it Medusa‘s head and turns it into a statue.
  91. After leaving the Parthenon in Tennessee, what is the name of the place they go to next? Music city diner.
  92. What TV channel do they watch while they are in the restaurant? WLPK 18
  93. What does the newscaster say appears to be happening? The single storm cloud is covering most of Europe and Asia, and headed towards United States.
  94. What are they eating in the restaurant? Hamburgers and french fries
  95. How many straws does each of them have in their drink? Percy, Grover, Annabeth (two straws each)
  96. What does it appear Percy and Annabeth had for dessert? Pie
  97. What does the map says the last location of the last pro? Las Vegas Nevada lotus hotel casino
  98. How do they get there? They drive the red pick up truck
  99. What song is playing when they walk into the lotus casino? “a little less conversation”
  100. Who sings this song? Elvis Presley
  101. What is the signature dish of the lotus casino? Lotus flower
  102. How much were Percy and his friends charged for this signature dish? It was free.
  103. What colors are the signature dish they eat? Red (Percy? Grover) purple (annabeth)
  104. While Grover dances, another tray of the casino signature dish is presented to Percy and Annabeth. What colors are these signature dish items? Pink, purple, red and maybe orange.
  105. What does Percy do after he hears his father‘s voice? He sets the lotus flower on the bar and walks away.
  106. What pinball game does Percy watch In the casino? French connection.
  107. What year does the pinball player say it is? 1971.
  108. Where in the casino does Percy spot the third pearl? On a roulette wheel.
  109. When the casino’s bellhop asks Percy if there’s a problem after Percy refuses another lotus flower, Percy leaves. What does the bellhop say? He says, “Percy Jackson is awake.“
  110. When Percy goes to get annabeth and take her out of the casino, Annabeth is on the dance floor doing what? Holding hands and dancing with a blond girl.
  111. When Annabeth and Percy find Grover, what does Grover say he’s going to do? Head to the chapel and get married.
  112. What roulette number was the pearl on when Percy took it? Black 15.
  113. When they leave Las Vegas, who is driving? Grover
  114. Where does the map tell them to go after las Vegas ? Hollywood California
  115. When Percy and his friends drive through the desert toward Hollywood, they listen to a newscast on the radio. What is the radio station they are listening to? KZLY
  116. Percy reads graffiti on the Hollywood sign. What does it say? “Woe to all depraved souls“
  117. The letter E does not appear in the graffiti after he interprets it. What appears in place of the E? The Greek alphabet letter Sigma.
  118. Percy tells the ferry man they are here to see Hades. The ferry man replies… What? “The living are not permitted here.“ Also “die and come back”
  119. What river does the ferry man takes them a crossed? Styx
  120. What does Grover offer to pay the ferry man with? American paper currency bills, Jackson, Grant, and Benjamin Franklin.
  121. What happens to the paper money Grover gives the ferry man? It burns up in the frame in his hand.
  122. What do they end up paying the ferryman with? drachmas
  123. The ferry man says that all lives and how? In misery in tragedy.
  124. What guards the entrance to Hades? Hell hounds
  125. How many animals are guarding the entrance to Hades? Two
  126. What decorates Percy’s shield that he carries into Hades? What emblems appear on it? Six Greek soldiers and a giant six-pointed star, and a soldier profile head in the center.
  127. Where does Hades keep Percy‘s mother? In a sphere in the underworld.
  128. Who takes the lightning bolt out of the shield route was hidden? Hades.
  129. What does Haiti’s promise to give Percy in exchange for the bolt? Percy’s mother
  130. What does Hades do when he gets the bolt? He says, “Feed them to the souls.“
  131. When he gets the ball, what does he say he will become? King of the gods.
  132. Why does hades girlfriend give Percy the bolt? Because the war of the gods would make her be with hades forever
  133. Who stays behind when percy leaves Hades? Grover
  134. Why does someone have to stay behind when Percy leaves Hades? There were only three pearls and you have to use one for each person. There were four of them when he got his mother back
  135. Where does Percy go after hades? Empire state building in New York
  136. Who really stole the bolt? Luke
  137. Why did that person steal it? To cause a war and bring Olympus down and take control.
  138. When Percy takes the lightning bolt out of Hades, who takes it from him? Luke
  139. After leaving Hades, how does Percy pursue the person who actually took the lightning bolt? He puts on the flying sneakers and flies after Luke.
  140. How does the lightning thief fly? Flying sneakers
  141. How does Percy defeat the lightning thief? He gets the water in all the roof top water towers to come out and he drowns the lightning thief, Creates a trident out of the water, and knocks the lightning thief into the river with it.
  142. Once Percy defeats the lightning thief, how much time does Annabeth say they have remaining? Two minutes
  143. What symbol is on the elevator door they run into after defeating the lightning thief? The Greek symbol omega
  144. What is the first thing Percy says when he walks into Olympus? “Wait, wait. Wow.“
  145. Why reason does Percy say Luke wanted to create the war? Because Luke was mad at all the gods.
  146. What does Annabeth say to her mother? “Hi mom“
  147. How does Grover get out of the underworld? Percy asks Zeus to bring him back and Zeus agrees.
  148. What does Poseidon ask of Zeus while Percy is present? Poseidon asks to speak with Percy.
  149. How old was Percy when his father left? Seven months
  150. Who says he was always watching over Percy? Poseidon
  151. Poseidon tells Percy if he ever needs him, he will be… Where? In your thoughts and in your dreams.
  152. What does Percy’s mother do about Gabe? She kicks him out
  153. What does Percy’s mother tell him about camp half blood? She says “this is where you belong.”
  154. Chiron says, “one foot in front of the other and the next thing you know…” what? You’re running
  155. What does Grover finally get at the in the movie? His horns
  156. What is Grovers rank at the end of the movie? Senior protector first class
  157. At the end movie, who does Chiron say is his favorite student? Percy
  158. What is the name of Hades girlfriend? Persephone
  159. What does Annabeth say is the first real battle strategy? Don’t ever let your opponent distract you.
  160. Who does Percy do battle with at the very end of the first movie? Annabeth
  161. What was in Percy’s mothers refrigerator at the end of a movie? Medusa‘s head

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