Casting call: interviews wanted

I’m getting a little jealous of watching my friends (okay it’s Lucy) do interviews on other blogs and then repost them on their own blog or Facebook or Twitter.

But it occurs to me, there are a lot of people that read this blog. Maybe I should ask them to interview me and we could create a bit of a network.

See, at some point you’re going to need some publicity for your book or something. If a bunch of people who read this blog will do an interview with me that I can re-blog here, lots of people will go to their blog to read it. (A reblog usually only shares part of the post; they gave to click through to get the rest.)

Even if you don’t typically do interviews, anybody can. You’re just asking questions. We can all do that – besides, there are probably things you’d like to know that other people haven’t asked. This would be your choice.

But once that’s done, we could list all of those “interview“ blogs on a special page here on my blog, and then you would occasionally have people asking you to interview them. (And you could say no if you’re busy. Or shy.)

The benefit to you is, they will drive people to your site. Many will reblog the interview you do with them. The benefit to them is, they get more exposure. Some will only have a handful of readers; some will have a lot, but they add up.

So if you’re interested in doing this, contact me and let me know! Either make a comment below or use the “contact me“ button

You can choose just to do an interview with me or to open the door to potentially talk to lots of people who might be interested. One blog I read on a regular basis has thousands and thousands of followers, and 99% of what they do is interviews of other authors. That means adding interviews to what your blog offers will get you more readers and possibly more book buyers. Something to think about.


26 thoughts on “Casting call: interviews wanted

  1. Hi Dan

    I e-published my first book The Hartnetts last year so I would love to be interviewed if you could email me the questions.

    Tom Gould


  2. Well, I’m just about finished The Navigators and when I’ve got the review written it would be great if you could do an interview piece after the main body of the review. I can sort out some questions and email them to you, I think it would be a good way to showcase the novel and yourself. Let me know what you think.

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