20 thoughts on “Food For Thought (a.k.a. A Writely Kick in The Rear)

  1. My format in Fantasy Writing
    So, these folk are sort of sitting around, or going about their business when ‘Something’ happens to them or near them…..
    And away we go.
    The rest gets sorted out in the second draft and two subsequent re-writes.
    I don’t think really qualifies as an Outline, but I have great fun writing that way….

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      • I like to work in ‘this world’ where the central characters are amongst the lesser folk in society and have to deal with events whose origins they have no control over. Nor are they able to actually reach out and confound or stop those who cause the events. They do however become grit in the machine or parts of the random factors which confound the plans of the powerful.
        The narratives become all about survival and trying to maintain independence.
        In itself this becomes a challenge to ensure what may be a series of random events can actually be put together into a plot.
        I am often therefore in that situation of writing from several perspectives.

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