My Amazing Editing Gets Noted In Book Review

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Sure, other stuff gets mentioned in this book review, but if you read between the lines, it’s obviously the editing (by ME) that makes the book great:

Writing Quality: Allison has an easy, readable style. I did not have to backtrack or stumble over oddly constructed sentences. Obviously, she and Editor Dan Alatorre revised and smoothed things out most assiduously.

– Indie Book Review from San Giacomo’s Corner


You can check out the whole review HERE – and you probably should. Not a lot of reviewers get into things writers need to be aware of.

MOST reviewers will say what they liked or didn’t like (“PLOT: Everything seems plausible and believable”); FEW will go over to the writer’s side and get into details.

from the review:

  • I did not have to backtrack or stumble over oddly constructed sentences
  • The dialog was short and snappy without long-winded speeches or info-dumps.
  • an adept hand when it comes to mixing in beats, interior thoughts, body language and descriptions.
  • I didn’t notice any show/tell problems, distancing words, or echoing headwords.
  • She squarely put the reader into the head of the current P.O.V. character.
  • The same goes for settings.

That’s nice to see in a review of your work where you wanted to avoid such problems, but it’s also a list of stuff to watch out for when you are writing.

Did you drop in a clumsy ton of information all at once to get readers “up to speed”?

Did you direct the story through a solid point of view, or jump randomly or whenever you needed to get information to the reader?

Stuff like that is what makes one story better than another to readers,

but it’s writer-oriented stuff, so a typical reader may not always be able to tell someone specifically why this story was better than that one.

As an author, YOU need to be aware of this stuff. Once you understand what it is, you’ll learn to make it work for you – and turn out better stories!

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