12 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. Once you’ve avoided the unintentional imitations or at least ironed them into your shape (tricky thing inspiration) and carried on your own sweet way there is no failure. It’s simply a question of your work not finding its audience….. yet (My great-grandchildren are going to clean up on royalties I tell you!)

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  2. Imitating others worked pretty well for a little combo known as The Beatles. They admired and imitated Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Elvis, Fats Domino, Motown girl groups, Country and Western, Paul McCartney’s dad’s band, on and on. Talent, chemistry and timing did the rest. Originality is just the unique blending of one’s influences. That said, it still doesn’t explain Jackson Pollock or e.e.cummings!


  3. Considering that “there is nothing new under the sun”, as in no nnew words, no new chords, blah blah, the only we have is our voices, as distinct as fingerprints. No one knows what’s inside a mind, so anything offered as creative shines a light somewhere the rest of us haven’t been. Ideed better to fail at being you because being someone else has been done. Van Halen and Steinbeck will get credit for being who they are/were. Nobody else cares how well someone clones them. So yeah. Fail on. Becqause in truth it is a success.

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    • I was telling somebody else this earlier in a different forum.

      There are all kinds of new things. Science discovers new things every day. The newspaper brings new atrocities to our door every morning. There’s lots of new.

      Sure, if you want to view everything from 30,000 feet you’re going to say a lot of things look similar. That’s fine.

      But as you know, your unique perspective and your unique experiences and your unique way of emphasizing things in your unique voice, all of that is uniquely you.

      And at that point, I could give 10 people the exact same outline for a story and they’re all going to write a different story.

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      • What I said. Technology and the news are quantifiable, given a specific set of circumstances. Give and artist of any kind a push and the same words, same moves, same instruments of expression will produce results in the unique voice of the author.

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