What do you read? What do you write?

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What do you read? What do you write?


I genuinely want to know the answer to this.


By the time 2017 comes to an end, this blog will likely have gotten more than 60,000 views. Lots more people came here this year than last year, and at the rate we’re going, next year is going to set another record.


So as long as were going to try to do contests and anthologies and marketing and stuff,

we should probably know who it is we’re talking to.




What do you read?


What do you write?


I know you’re going to say, “Oh I read everything…”


Or, “I don’t really read…”


I know.


So let’s say, what were the last 5 or 10 books you read? Mine were Harry Potter stories. Those are primarily mysteries. I read Lucy’s books – also mysteries. There other things, but they’re basically mysteries, too. I read Allison’s book. Also a suspense mystery.


So for me, I guess I read mysteries.


What do I write?


I write all kinds of stuff. Primarily I have written humor, but my best-selling book and most popular and probably the one that will spawn the sequel and a series is a suspenseful adventure.


What about you?


If we can get the answers to these questions, I will learn and distribute information about how to do better at those types of things.


  • We can have more contests that appeal to people who are interested in those things.

  • We can create anthologies that you might want to participate in or that will be better received by audiences.


So? What do you read? What do you write?


Tell me below!

16 thoughts on “What do you read? What do you write?

  1. I genuinely do read all manner of books. Fiction, non-fiction, memoir.
    I am currently reading “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” which Amazon sent me as a freeby.
    I read books from our local library – ie. published in the old fashioned way, some of them best sellers or award winners. I also read quite a lot from independent authors I’ve met on-line.
    Other recent reads include: “Exposure” by Aga Lesiewicz, a modern psychological thriller set in London, England (pub by Pan MacMillan); “Figures in a Famine Landscape” by Ciaran O’Murchadha, non-fiction mini bios of 10 people who were in positions of influence in County Clare during the famine of 1845-52 (this one is research for my current WIP).
    I’ve been reading Lucinda Clarke’s autobiographical books and her fictional thrillers which draw on her African experiences (all independently published).
    Other recent reading experiences include books by Khaled Husseini, Sebastian Barry and Ian McEwan.

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  2. My favorite fiction books to read are YA fantasy. Currently, I’m reading a book called The Forgetting. My favorites were The City of Bones series and The Hunger Games. I also read Harry Potter when it first came out. Someone asked me to read the Dresden Files, so I started reading one last night.

    I’m also really working on my health, fitness, and self-improvement, so I’ve read Mindsets, Grain Brain, Eat Dirt, and the Brain Warriors Way.

    I write humor and YA fantasy, so far. I’ve thought about writing a non-fiction book about healing your body through food from a Christian perspective, but writing non-fiction scares me because of the research. It shouldn’t scare me because I have my master’s degree and have done the research before.

    Anyways, that’s a little more about me.

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  3. I do literally read everything. Last Ten books: Allison’s latest, Jennifer’s latest (so suspense), non fiction work on historical mysteries, non fiction work on wwI, all quiet on the western front, a couple of cozies. Ok suspense, mystery, history. LOL
    I write a similar line.

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  4. I read everything as well, though I took a long (too long) break from reading in the paranormal genre while I was writing my novel.

    Anything about New Orleans is easy for me to pick up. My most recent, non-fiction read is Nine Lives by Dan Baum, about the devastation of Katrina and the soul of rebirth in the city. I also read a few architectural books on the evolution of the neighborhoods. < This was research for my next novel.

    In fiction, I've read and enjoyed Allison's The Seventh Seed, Victoria Clapton's The Binding, Laura Cayouette's The Secret of the Other Mother, and Alys Arden's The Romeo Catchers.

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  5. Mystery and suspense (both adult and YA) are my happy places for reading and writing but I do venture outside them with some sci-fi and urban fantasy. I’m currently reading Anne Marie Andrus’s book – I guess that’s an urban fantasy (and is AWESOME, btw).

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  6. I love to read books with levels relationship dynamics in them. I cant read mysteries, or science, or historical, or anything, unless there is some sort of serious interplay between the characters (a secondary plot of sorts) I even get bored of reading sex, without contemplative relationship issues between the characters. I know all books have character interactions, but its got to be the driving force for me.
    So…go figure, I write shit that is dialogue driven and has layers of relationships. ( at least that’s what I’m driven to do.)

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  7. I go through phases of genres re reading and at the moment it’s historical and/or time travel. That’s also the genre I have written. I do like a dash of humour as well (I read and loved Poggibonsi), and I collaborated on a humorous book about Richard III (lots of double entendre and slapstick fun). I have discovered there are a few elements I look for in a book. 1. I like to be entertained, so I tend to avoid novels which are realistic or modern because I want escapism. 2. I like the plot to be finished off properly at the end – it can be a happy ending, an ambivalent one or a twist, but I hate when it just peters out. 3. I have to identify with the character(s) in some way – I just read a book where the characters were all horrible and I didn’t care what happened to them. The novel was well-written in other ways but that made it flat.

    I have enjoyed fantasy, sci-fi, romance, spy/thriller, police/thriller, detective, humour.

    My favourite novel of all is Lord of the Rings – read it several times (in 3 languages!)

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