Word Weaver Celebrity Judge Profile: ALLISON MARUSKA

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Meet and greet the folks who will be helping assess the winners of the November Word Weaver Writing Contest.

Learn a little about each of our celebrity judges and see what each will be looking for in the contest.

It is only fitting that the first person to appear on our blog after we reached the 50,000 view mark is the person who was the most responsible for suggesting the changes that allowed us to get there.

Here’s celebrity judge Allison Maruska.


Who is this judge?

Allison is the author of the runaway best-selling novel The Fourth Descendant (30,000 copies sold, 590+ reviews) and its newly released standalone sequel, The Seventh Seed.


Her Amazon page also says:

color head shot
bestselling author Allison Maruska

Allison is a YA and mystery/suspense author, blogger, teacher, mom, wife, coffee and wine consumer, and owl enthusiast. Her blog includes humor posts, short stories, and posts on writing strategy, parenting, and teaching.

So, think about that owl thing. And the coffee thing. If your story contains a coffee-drinking owl, you may be golden.

The Path To Publication

“I started as a hybrid author but I’m all indie now, and happily so.”

On Becoming A Celebrity Judge:

“This celebrity judge thing is pretty neat (didn’t know I qualified as a celebrity. Ha).”

Word Weaver insights: what does Allison look for in a story?


My favorite reads are suspenseful and mysterious with a fast hook.

Want more info on Allison?

“As I wrote this I realized you already know all this stuff so I don’t know how helpful it is. Anyway, here’s pictures.”
3D TFD1 (1) 3D Seed

You can check out her amazon page HERE

And THANK YOU, Allison, for joining the team as one of our three celebrity judges.

Gang, I have known Allison for many years. She has been a terrific critique partner, an amazing editor, a brilliant writer – and now a celebrity judge. Pretty sure that makes her life complete.

COME BACK TOMORROW and learn more insights on how to do well in our contest!

NEXT UP: bestselling author…


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