The Basics With JENIFER RUFF, Word Weaver Celebrity Judge – A Profile

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Meet and greet the folks who will be helping assess the winners of the November Word Weaver Writing Contest.

Learn a little about each of our celebrity judges and see what each will be looking for in the contest.

Here’s celebrity judge Jenifer Ruff.


Brief Writerly Bio In 10 Words Or Less:

Jenifer Ruff is an award winning and Amazon bestselling author.

Jenifer’s Writing Style:

Most of her gripping suspense novels combine science and medicine with sinister minds. She enjoys the edgy thrill ride that comes with contemplating the unthinkable, like her recent release, Only Wrong Once, a bioterror thriller.


Her path to publication and beyond

Jenifer started out with a publisher but now loves being a self-published author. She admits it’s a tremendous amount of work in addition to writing, but there are unlimited avenues for information, encouragement, and success.

For anyone interested in publishing their work, she says:

IMG_3024_ruff_jeniferr_small“The Word Weaver Writing Contest is as good as it gets for getting your foot in the door and finding out where you can go from there.”

– bestselling author Jenifer Ruff

(Well, if she wasn’t hired before, she is now.)

Word Weaver insights: what does she look for in a story?


Jenifer has a penchant for dark stories with chilling and memorable twists like these classics: The Lottery and The Monkey’s Paw.

Want more info on Jenifer?

You can check out her amazon page at

And THANK YOU, Jenifer, for joining the team as one of our three celebrity judges.

Gang, it was my great pleasure to work with a great mind like Jenifer on our scary anthology, The Box Under The Bed, and I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation to be one of our inaugural celebrity judges.

COME BACK TOMORROW and meet ANOTHER of our THREE celebrity judges and learn more insights on how to do well in our contest!

NEXT UP: bestselling author Allison Maruska

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