A Sweet Christmas Story That Will Melt Your Heart: “Santa Maybe” is 99 Cents TODAY

Merry Christmas.

I put my short story Santa Maybe on sale

$0.99 today – just for you.

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Santa Maybe Cover

Santa Maybe, a short story/novella

If you don’t love this story, you have no heart.

A routine trip to the store creates a golden opportunity for a loving father to bestow a terrific Christmas memory on his three year old daughter. Filled with humor and love, this story will have you laughing and turning the pages to see if the stranger with the red shirt and white beard is… Santa Maybe?

Reviewers say:

5 STARS – J Barr Reviews

“This story had me smiling from beginning to end” – Amy McGuire, Amazon Review

“This little story, which can easily be read in half an hour, will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.” – TOP 500 REVIEWER

“Warm, sensitive – and absolutely hilarious” – Grady Harp, TOP 500 REVIEWER, Hall Of Fame


This is the first story I read by Dan Alatorre. If this one is any indication of his writing ability, his humor, and his ability at capturing the essence of a situation, I will be reading more.

“Santa Maybe” begins with a description of an annual event in the Alatorre house––making huge batches of onion spread to put into canning jars to give to family and friends as Christmas gifts. But what happens when you run out of jars? You send your husband out to buy more jars––except that it’s already canning season and most stores are out of jars. And what happens when finds some but they’re the wrong size? That means sending him out to find the right size and return the wrong-size jars to the store from which they were purchased.

Somehow Dan Alatorre finds the humor (or, as some might describe it, the “silver lining”) in what would otherwise be a stressful situation. And, with Savvy, his three-year-old daughter, in tow, the trip back to Target to return the jars, turns out to be a magical moment in her life, as she and her dad have a chance encounter with Santa Claus.

This little story, which can easily be read in half an hour, will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.


You deserve a smile.

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My own personal brag of the week

You never know how good you did until the reviews come in, right?

Well, today I got the survey scores for my presentations at the Florida writers conference.

Check. Me. Out.

There were a few haters but overall I kicked butt – as expected.

Still, we can always do better. So next year I intend to work on my professionalism. Not sure I can pull that off but what the heck. Ya gotta have goals.

How Do You Know If I Read Your Story For The Writing Contest Yet? And Did I like it???

your humble host

Did I read your story yet?


To be fair to all the contest entries, I wait until they are all submitted and start then. That way nobody I read late has an advantage over something I read a month ago.


Seems the best way, but it does create a bit of work in about two days.

But rest assured, I haven’t read it yet! You’re all starting at the same place, toes still on the starting line.


Good luck!

If you TRIED to enter the writing contest and I did not reply, TRY AGAIN!

Not sure what’s going on, but with all the entries I was bound to screw a few up.

Looks like here and there when I replied from my phone, they contestant didn’t get the reply email.

If this applies to you, let me know. Comment here and try the Contact Me again. I’ll be sure to NOT reply with my phone until the matter is cleared up.


For the record, some email systems don’t seem to like each other, but we’ll get it all straightened out.