Once in a Lifetime

Guest blog post by a co-author of The Box Under The Bed, Carrie Ann Alexis.

author Carrie Ann Alexis

When I was asked to submit a story for consideration for The Box Under The Bed, I thought:

“This is my once in a lifetime chance to be published!”

I don’t consider myself a scary story writer, but I did actually write one…once.  So, I brushed it off, submitted it, and it was accepted! 


And you may ask yourself, Well…How did I get here?

To start, I had volunteered to be a beta reader for Dan’s novel The Navigators.

That whole experience was so much fun, and I enjoyed the story and Dan’s writing so much that I also beta read his next two novels.

So, when he announced his first Word Weaver Writing Contest, I thought I’ll give it a try.

I was absolutely thrilled when I received an Honorable Mention, and a critique from Dan himself. 

That critique alone was worth it!

I had come to admire his writing with each novel I read, and here he is encouraging me and giving me tips on MY writing.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  But yet, it does!  I enter the next Word Weaver Writing Contest, another Honorable Mention, another critique,

AND that is when he asked me to submit a story for consideration for the anthology.

I had no idea what was in store as the project went forward, but I had a feeling I was going to learn a lot.

This experience has been so exciting.  Once the stories and authors were chosen, Dan created a private Facebook group where we got up-to-the-minute updates and information on the progress, and he always looked for our input.

Dan was also mindful of the few of us that are first time published authors, and he’d write a post, and I felt like it was our little pep talk.

Encouraging us and making us realize what a big deal this was, yet letting us know, he’s right there with us.

Along the way, I’ve made new friends, I’ve learned to be a better writer, and all that goes into writing, publishing, and marketing a book. That is priceless.

This was an incredible opportunity for a first-time author to be published along with some bestselling authors.

Going in I figured no one knows me, but that’s okay.  It’ll be like I’m the sidekick to the superhero authors like Dan Alatorre, Allison Maruska and Jenifer Ruff, and I was fine with that.  But being that this was a team effort, we all needed to promote the book.

As I stepped out of my comfort zone, and started self-promoting on my blog, and then to my FB page, something incredible happened. 

I became the superhero in the eyes of my friends! I had friends from way back in elementary school ask for an autographed copy of this book!

The enthusiasm and the encouragement I got from old friends and my family was far more than I ever expected, but I am forever grateful.

So, this once in a lifetime opportunity has opened the door for so much more.

For what was once a dream has become a reality for me.

Today, I am an author.

It’s only one short story, but tomorrow it will be my very own book.

Thank you, Carrie Ann, for such kind words. I really enjoy your writing – obviously – and can’t wait to interview you here when your first solo effort books is published.

Gang, it was a blast working with such amazing talents like Carrie Ann Alexis on this scary anthology.

Check out Carrie Anne’s other works HERE,

and check out the Box Under The Bed right now!


10 thoughts on “Once in a Lifetime

  1. Glad to make your acquaintance, Carrie Ann. Much of what you write resonates with me. The contributors to the anthology have different backgrounds and experience, but Dan has federated us in a project where we all have a significant part to play. It’s a good feeling and a boost to all concerned.

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  2. (Still catching up after some illness…) Great observations, Carrie Ann, and your thoughts resonate so much with my own experience, as well ! Wonderful collaboration, invaluable mentoring, thanks to Dan’s insightful interest in others!

    Liked by 1 person

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